Effective January 6, 2022, there will be a mask mandate for all public indoor spaces within the City of Holyoke.

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The City of Holyoke prepares year-round for snow and ice removal to ensure the streets will be safe for passage as quickly as possible allowing motorists to travel safely within the City during adverse winter weather. We review and update the Storm Action Plan, prepare snow removal equipment, purchase and store adequate quantities of road salt and winter sand. Each snowstorm is unique and the snow or ice control operations change depending on the amount, type and intensity of the precipitation. Motorists should always exercise caution and drive appropriately for the road conditions.

Please follow the rules on winter parking and snow removal, and remember to help us out as the city is dependent upon its citizens for providing sidewalk snow removal per City Ordinance.  As always, thank you for being patient as our crews work long hours in tough conditions to clear roads, ease traffic and collect trash and recycling.

How will you be notified?

Storm Action Plan

The Department of Public Works has a plan in place to clear City streets in a manner that provides the most mobility to the community as allowed by available resources. The level of storm intensity and duration dictate the frequency and type of treatment. Public safety is the number one priority when clearing snow and ice from Holyoke’s Streets. The primary mission of each operation is to clear snow and ice as expeditiously and economically as possible. Our goal is to restore safe motorist and pedestrian travel and facilitate Fire and Police responses to emergencies.

Street Priority

Since not all streets can be addressed at the same time; streets are salted and plowed in a specific order. Primary routes are the first to be addressed because they link the City’s police, fire, and emergency services. Secondary routes are next, to allow safe two-way traffic. Residential streets are the last to be attended to, however, in all situations, the DPW will work to address every residential street as soon as possible and as resources allow. Closely adhering to the Winter Parking Bans is of utmost importance as on-street parking is one of the biggest obstacles to snow removal during snow plowing efforts.

Based on the street priority plan if your street has not been plowed or sanded and it is not an emergency, please be patient, as your street will be plowed and sanded as soon as possible. All main roads must be attended to before we can begin residential streets. If there is an emergency situation you can call the Department of Public Works at 322-5645. If there is a medical emergency, call 911.

Equipment Maintenance

The City of Holyoke Department of Public Works vehicle maintenance division prepares year-round to handle the onslaught of winter weather that will affect more than 174 miles of roadways under its jurisdiction. Each fall, snow removal vehicles, and equipment are inspected and put through an extensive maintenance check and repair program.

Winter Sand is Available

To assist in complying with City Ordinance for the removal of snow and ice from all city sidewalks, the DPW makes sand available for Holyoke Residents at Jed Days Landing.  It’s located off of Main St. behind Springdale Park.  If the sand has been depleted please call the DPW at 322-5645 and we will deliver more sand as soon as possible

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