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Ryan Allen Administrative Assistant to the City Council 413-322-5525 Email
Todd McGee Council President, Ward 7 413-534-1764 Email
Gladys Lebron-Martinez Ward 1 Councilor 413-535-5075 Email
Terence Murphy Ward 2 Councilor 413-887-7195 Email
David K. Bartley Ward 3 Councilor 413-531-2213 Email
Libby Hernandez Ward 4 Councilor 413-539-1382 Email
Linda Vacon Ward 5 Councilor 413-533-6498 Email
Juan C. Anderson-Burgos Ward 6 Councilor 413-561-5454 Email
Howard Greaney Jr. At Large Councilor 413-534-5749
Michael J. Sullivan At Large Councilor 413-210-3342 Email
James M. Leahy At Large Councilor 413-535-3353 Email
Rebecca Lisi At Large Councilor 413-210-6906 Email
Joseph M. McGiverin At Large Councilor 413-536-6557 Email
Peter R. Tallman At Large Councilor 413-538-5700 Email
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