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Vendor Information Helpful Hints:

  1. Please read The Notice to Bidders carefully. We understand that government solicitations for bids contain a lot of information and may have mandatory forms to complete, however, non-responsive bids must be rejected.
  2. Details Matter. A missing signature, a math error, or the failure to complete a portion of a document may result in your bid or proposal being rejected.
  3. Supplier Diversity. The City remains committed to the development and utilization of small, minority, women, disadvantaged and people with disabilities owned businesses.


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What laws govern the City of Holyoke procurement methods?

The City of Holyoke follows M.G.L:  c. 30B, c. 30 & 39M, c.149 & c.7C and Federal procurement standards under 2 CFR, Part 200 (200.317-200.327).  For a Federally funded project the City of Holyoke will compare both State and Federal procurement methods and use the stricter of the two.

 2. How are bid documents/project specifications obtained?

Currently all bid documents are delivered by email request electronically. Please refer to the contact information and email addresses in the advertisement/s when requesting documents.

4. Do Prevailing Wages apply for construction projects?

Yes. Under c.30 & 39 M, and c.149 Massachusetts Prevailing Wages apply for all projects regardless of the estimated cost. In addition to Prevailing Wages the majority of projects also require current OSHA certifications. If a project is funded using federal resources then Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wages would apply.

It is expected that vendors adhere to all relevant State & Federal Laws regarding the proper job classification and payment of sub-contractors & employees who are subject to Prevailing Wages.

5. Can the City cancel a bid?

Yes. The City reserves the right to cancel or rebid a project if it is in the best interest of the City to do so.




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