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Aaron Vega Director of Planning & Economic Development 413-322-5655 Email
Adriana Natal Union Accountant 413-322-5585 Email
Alex Vyce Planner 1 (413) 322-5575 Email
Alexandria Maysonet License Clerk 413-322-5599 Email
Alicia M. Zoeller Community Development Director 413-322-5610 Email
Amy Landau CPA Administrator 413-561-1647 Email
Anthony Dulude Executive Director - Retirement Board 413-322-5590 Email
Ashley Sturges Special Programs Manager 413-322-5610 Email
Beverly Smith 413-322-5620 Email
Brenna Murphy McGee City Clerk/Registrar of Voters 413-322-5520 Email
Brianna Tejada Head Clerk for Planning Department 413-322-5575 Email
Brianne Zulkiewicz Office Assistant 413-322-5660 Email
Carl Rossi Director 413-322-5645 Email
Carmen Rodriguez 2nd Assistant City Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Carmen Y. Ocasio Ward 2 City Councilor; Vice Chair of the Public Service Committee 413-219-1319 Email
Carolyn Villegas-Bresnahan Assistant Assessor 413-322-5550 Email
Celeste Fernandez Assistant Executive Director 413-322-5590 Email
Cheryl Hollway Assessor 413-322-5550 Email
Christopher Tanguay Kitchen Manager 413-322-5625 Email
Colton Garelli Sanitarian II Email
Dale Glenn Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief; Emergency Management Deputy Director 413-534-2251 Email
Damian Cote PT-Building Official Email
Dave Beaudoin Superintendent Outdoor Works 413-322-5645 ext. 5131 Email
David K. Bartley Ward 3 City Councilor 413-531-2213 Email
David M. Conti Holyoke Water Works General Manager 413-536-0442 Email
Davin Pasek Zoning Official 413-322-5600 ext. 4 Email
Dazhana Argueta Personnel Specialist 413-322-5557 Email
Debbie Brunelle Chief Assessor 413-322-5550 Email
Deborah Schaier Public Nurse 413-322-5598 Email
Delix Colon Accounts Payable Specialist 413-322-5150 Email
Dimarys Seymour Personnel Specialist 413-322-5558 Email
Edward J (Ted) Sweeney Assistant Chief Procurement Officer 413-322-5652 Email
Eileen Maginnis Assistant Director 413-322-5625 Email
Erick Velez Animal Control Officer Email
Francis A. Brunelle Lieutenant, Auxiliary Police
Fredrick King Safety Inspector 413-322-5645 ext. 5137 Email
George F. Kiakis Deputy Chief, Auxiliary Police
George Shaw Assistant Building Commissioner 413-322-5600 ext. 5 Email
Heidi Morin 413-322-5550 Email
Howard Greaney Jr. At-Large City Councilor; Vice Chair of the Joint City Council and School Committee 413-534-5749
Irma Ramirez Sanitarian I Email
Israel Rivera At-Large City Councilor; Chair of the Ordinance Committee; Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee 413-552-9350 Email
Jaime Morrow Interim Chief Procurement Officer 413-322-5650 Email
James Lavelle Holyoke Gas & Electric Manager 413-536-9300 Email
Jane Mantolesky Assistant City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Jason Forgue PT-Building Official 413-322-5600 ext. 6 Email
Jazmin Acevedo Assistant Registrar of Voters 413-322-5520 Email
Jean L. Dietrich Colonel
Jeanne Liddy Assistant City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Jeffery Anderson-Burgos Administrative Assistant to the City Council 413-322-5525 Email
Jeffrey A. Trask Emergency Management Director Email
Jeffrey Burkott Assistant Director of Planning, Principal Planner 413-322-5575 Email
Jennifer Keitt Senior Project Manager (413) 322- 5655 Email
Jenny Rivera Ward 1 City Councilor; Chair of Public Safety Committee 413-539-3377 Email
Jenny Rivera Dispatcher 413-322-5625 Email
Jesenia Flores Principal Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Joenielle Rosado Sanitarian II Email
John Dyjach Assistant Director of Economic Development 413-322-5655 Email
John Kadlewicz Fire Chief 413-534-2250 Email
John L. Wessig Captain, Auxiliary Police
John R. Lachat General Foreman Construction Division Cross Connection Control Coordinator 413-536-0442 Email
John Twohig City Forester 413-322-5645 ext 5134 Email
Jonathan Moquin General Construction Supervisor 413-322-5645 ext. 5700 Email
Jone Messmer Kichen Assistant 413-322-5625 Email
Joseph Manzi Acting Business Manager 413-536-0442 Email
Joshua A. Garcia Mayor 413-322-5510 Email
Joyce Lunardini Volunteer Coordinator 413-322-5625 Email
Juan C. Anderson-Burgos Ward 6 City Councilor; Chair of the Public Service Committee 413-561-5454 Email
Julio Canizales Kitchen Assistant 413-322-5625 Email
Karen Saczawa Wellness Instructor 413-322-5625 Email
Kariana Natal Head Clerk 413-322-5530 Email
Kathelyn Marcano Administrative Assistant 413-322-5590 Email
Kathleen Degnan Assistant City Solicitor 413-322-5584 Email
Keishla Torres Natal Head Administrative Assistant 413-322-5620 Email
Kelly Curran Personnel Director 413-322-5556 Email
Kelly Lundgren Assistant City Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Kevin A. Jourdain At-Large City Councilor; Chair of the Joint City Council and School Committee 413-538-5519 Email
Kevin Lagimonier Building Commissioner 413-322-5600 ext. 7 Email
Kim Casiano Head OPED Admiration Assistant 413-322-5575 Email
Kocayne S. Givner Ward 4 CIty Councilor; Chair of D&GR Committee, Vice Chair of the Finance Committee 413-650-2979 Email
Kristina Merced Acting Personnel Assistant 413-322-5555 Email
Laura E. Wilson Tax Collector 413-322-5530 Email
Linda Vacon Ward 5 City Councilor; Vice Chair of the Ordinance Committee; Vice Chair of the Charter and Rules Committee 413-210-6077 Email
Lisa Ball City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Liz Rivera Principal Account Clerk (Parking & Fuel) 413-322-5645 Email
Lori Belanger 413-322-5650 Email
Lourdez Martinez Assistant Treasurer 413-322-5560 Email
Luz Ortiz-Rivera Interim Director 413-322-5630 Email
Lynn Diniz Assistant Health Director Email
Magdaly Martinez Senior Social Worker 413-322-5625 Email
Marcus Gabrieli Sealer of Weights and Measures (413) 672-0218 Email
Maria Pagan Holyoke Public Library Director 413-420-8101 Email
Marie Hogan PT-Head Clerk 413-322-5600 ext. 1 Email
Marilyn Turgeon Principal Account Clerk (Accounts Payable) 413-322-5645 Email
Mark Anderson Plumbing & Gas Inspector 413-322-5600 ext. 3 Email
Matt Smith Supervisor Source of Supply 413-536-0442 Email
Maureen Charest COA Driver 413-322-5625
Maureen Tisdell Assistant Director 413-322-5620 Email
Meg Magrath-Smith Ward 7 City Councilor; Chair of the Charter and Rules Committee 413-535-7500 Email
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