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Property Maintenance & Demolition Supervisor
Aaron Vega Director of Planning & Economic Development 413-322-5655 Email
Adriana Natal Head Administrative Clerk 413-322-5585 Email
Alexandria Maysonet License Clerk 413-322-5599 Email
Alicia M. Zoeller Community Development Director 413-322-5610 Email
Amie Chrzanowski Acting Superintendent, Department of Public Works / Office Manager 413-322-5645 Email
Amy Landau CPA Administrator 413-561-1647 Email
Ann Kosior Kitchen Staff 413-322-5625
Anthony Dulude Executive Director - Retirement Board 413-322-5590 Email
Beatriz Colon BOH Head Clerk Email
Beverly Smith 413-322-5620 Email
Brenna Murphy McGee City Clerk/Registrar of Voters 413-322-5520 Email
Brianne Zulkiewicz Office Assistant 413-322-5660 Email
Carmen Rodriguez Head Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Carolyn Villegas-Bresnahan Assistant Assessor 413-322-5550 Email
Celeste Fernandez Administrative Assistant 413-322-5590 Email
Christopher Tanguay Kitchen Staff 413-322-5625
Dale Glenn Executive Administrative Assistant to the Chief 413-534-2251 Email
Damian J. Cote Building Commissioner 413-322-5600 ext. 5602 Email
Dave Beaudoin Superintendent Outdoor Works 413-322-5645 Email
David M. Conti Holyoke Water Works General Manager 413-536-0442 Email
Dazhana Williams Administrative Assistant 413-322-5590 Email
Debbie Brunelle Chief Assessor 413-322-5550 Email
Deborah Schaier Public Nurse 413-322-5598 Email
Delix Colon Head Administrative Clerk 413-322-5150 Email
Dimarys Seymour Head Administrative Clerk 413-322-5555 Email
Eileen Maginnis Assistant Director 413-322-5625 Email
Erick Velez Animal Control Officer Email
Francis A. Brunelle Lieutenant, Auxiliary Police
George F. Kiakis Deputy Chief, Auxiliary Police
Heidi Morin Principal Clerk 413-322-5550 Email
Ileana Carrion Senior Project Manager 413-322-5655 Email
Irma Cruz Assistant City Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Jack Carolan Planner II 413-322-5575 Email
Jaime Morrow Paralegal 413-322-5580 Email
James Lavelle Holyoke Gas & Electric Manager 413-536-9300 Email
Jazmin Acevedo Assistant Registrar of Voters 413-322-5520 Email
Jean L. Dietrich Colonel
Jeffrey Burkott Assistant Director of Planning, Principal Planner 413-322-5575 Email
Jenifer Piñero COA Driver 413-322-5625
Jennifer J. Martins Compliance Manager 413-322-5610 Email
Jennifer Keitt Development Specialist (413) 322- 5655 Email
Jenny Rivera Dispatcher 413-322-5625 Email
Jesenia Flores Principal Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Jesus Pereira Veteran Services Director 413-322-5630 Email
John Dyjach Assistant Director of Economic Development 413-322-5655 Email
John Kadlewicz Fire Chief 413-534-2250 Email
John L. Wessig Captain, Auxiliary Police
John R. Lachat General Foreman Construction Division Cross Connection Control Coordinator 413-536-0442 Email
John Twohig City Forester 413-322-5645 Email
Joseph Manzi Acting Business Manager 413-536-0442 Email
Joshua A. Garcia Mayor 413-322-5510 Email
Joyce Lunardini Volunteer Coordinator 413-322-5625 Email
Karen Saczawa Wellness Instructor 413-322-5625 Email
Kate Preissler Special Programs Manager 413-322-5610 Email
Kathelyn Marcano Principal Clerk 413-322-5560 Email
Katherine M. Jackowski City Treasurer 413-322-5560 Email
Kathleen Degnan Assistant City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Kelly Curran Personnel Director 413-322-5555 Email
Kelly Lundgren 2nd Assistant City Clerk 413-322-5520 Email
Kevin Lagimonier Assistant Commissioner 413-322-5600 ext. 5083 Email
Kris Baker City Engineer 413-322-5605 Email
Kristina Merced Acting Personnel Assistant 413-322-5555 Email
Laura E. Wilson Tax Collector 413-322-5530 Email
Leslie B. Ward Building Official 413-322-5600 ext. 5162 Email
Lexi McElligott Sanitarian I Email
Lisa Ball Acting City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Lori Belanger Chief Procurement Officer 413-322-5650 Email
Lourdez Martinez Assistant Treasurer 413-322-5560 Email
Lynn Diniz Assistant Health Director Email
Magdaly Martinez Senior Social Worker 413-322-5625 Email
Maria Pagan Holyoke Public Library Director 413-420-8101 Email
Marie Brazeau Head Clerk (413) 322- 5655 Email
Marie Hogan Head Clerk 413-322-5600 ext. 5089 Email
Marilyn Turgeon Principal Account Clerk 413-322-5645 Email
Mark Anderson Plumbing & Gas Inspector 413-322-5600 ext. 5086 Email
Matt Smith Supervisor Source of Supply 413-536-0442 Email
Maureen Charest COA Driver 413-322-5625
Maureen Tisdell Assistant Director 413-322-5620 Email
Michael Bissonnette Assistant City Solicitor 413-322-5580 Email
Michael Bullough Chief Inspector of Wires 413-322-5600 ext. 5084 Email
Michael McManus Superintendent, Department of Public Works 413-322-5645 Email
Mily Sanchez Parking Principal Clerk 413-322-5645 Email
Minerva Ramos Union Accountant 413-322-5585 Email
Navae Fenwick Rodriguez Council on Aging Director 413-322-5625 Email
Nilka Ortiz Executive Assistant to the Mayor 413-322-5510 Email
Paul C. Guilbert Lieutenant, Auxiliary Police
Pedro Pinto COA Driver 413-322-5625
Penni Martorell Curator & City Historian 413-322-5660 Email
Polo Delgado Head Administrative Clerk 413-322-5600 ext. 5085 Email
Robert Peirent 413-322-5605 Email
Ron Dietrich Chief of Auxiliary Police 413-322-5682 Email
Rosa Burgos Senior Deputy Treasurer 413-322-5560 Email
Ryan Allen Principal Account Clerk 413-322-5645 Email
Ryan Paxton Sanitarian II Email
Sara English Enterprise and Facilities Coordinator 413-322-5660 Email
Scott MacPherson Holyoke Community Media Director 413-322-5634 Email
Sean Gonsalves Board of Health Director 413-322-5595 Email
Sharon Bittner-Willis Professional Accountant 413-322-5585 Email
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