Effective January 6, 2022, there will be a mask mandate for all public indoor spaces within the City of Holyoke.

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Mayoral Advisory Councils

Mission Statement


The Mayor's Advisory Councils will give the entire community a voice on the issues impacting Holyoke residents. Prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, and transparency, the councils will be diverse in neighborhood representation, gender, age, field of work and life experience. These Advisory Councils will work with city staff and departments to create tangible change and positive impact for the city.


Advisory Councils’ Scope of Work


Councils will promote collaborative conversations to inform the Mayor on issues related to a number of areas impacting the city. These Councils will provide reports and updates to the Mayor on needed changes and metrics of success. Councils can create sub groups, invite additional members as experts on topics, and should work collaboratively. Each Council will meet at minimum quarterly throughout the year and set an agenda, in concert with the Mayor, to address areas of concern and opportunity. Each Advisory Council will produce regular updates, as determined by the Council members, and appoint a chair and co-chair in their first meeting. Councils will be accessible for all community members, including language accessibility for non-English speakers.


Advisory Councils' Summary of Focuses

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