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Advisory Councils' Summary of Focuses

Community Collaborations & Communications

The Advisory Council on Community Collaborations & Communications will prioritize stronger lines of communication between city departments and entities like the Sheriff’s Department and local non-profit organizations. This Council will advise the Mayor on how to best support the community-wide initiatives these groups are working on and identify the gaps or inefficiencies that could be addressed by a coordinated effort.


Government Restructure

Reimagining how our municipal government works is a project that will require extensive conversations with residents, the City Council, and the Mayor. The purpose of this Advisory Council is to identify the areas of our municipal government that need to be reformed, identify practical alternatives, and chart a path forward for the Mayor to propose in the coming years.


Green Holyoke

The charge of the Green Holyoke Advisory Council is to consider environmental and climate resilience issues impacting our city and examine solutions for protecting and augmenting our natural resources. This group will look to increase our climate preparedness, so we can continue to protect public health, safety, and promote economic growth.



Holyoke needs to become a leader in providing housing that accommodates our current residents and attracts new ones, no matter their economic background. The Housing Advisory Council will make recommendations to improve the community’s quality of life through increased types of housing and expanded opportunities for renters and homeowners.


Infrastructure & Economic Development

As the Advisory Council with arguably the broadest focus, Infrastructure and Economic Development will look to improve the city’s infrastructure, encourage economic growth, and promote marketing initiatives that benefit the city. This group will act as a sounding board for the upcoming Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act funds and other potential infrastructure projects. At the forefront of these projects should be the prioritizing of job creation and effective utilization of city assets.


Public Safety & Public Health

In order to best address the community’s most pressing health and safety concerns, the Advisory Council on Public Safety and Public Health will work to coalesce representatives including, but not limited to, the Fire and Police Departments, Public Works, Schools, the Board of Health, nonprofits that work in the public health field, and the larger community. Crisis intervention, elder affairs issues, property preservation, trash, homelessness and addiction are some issues that this Council could address, among others.


Youth Development

The Advisory Council on Youth Development will focus on expanding the variety and improving the quality of extracurricular activities for our youth. This Council will also consider opportunities for skill building, healthy development, and transitions to the workforce.

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