Elected Officials

Mayor Alex B. Morse– term 4 years. Duties as described by City Charter. The executive powers of the city shall be vested solely in the mayor, and may be exercised by him either personally or through the several offices or boards of the city in their departments, under his general supervision and control. The mayor shall have the sole power of appointment to all the municipal offices established by or under this act, he may, except as otherwise provided, remove from office by written order any officer so appointed hereunder for any cause which he shall in his official discretion deem sufficient, which cause he shall assign in his order of removal.


City Clerk Brenna Murphy-McGee – term 4 years. Duties as described by City Charter: The City Clerk shall have charge of all journals, records, papers and documents of the city, and do such other acts in their said capacity as the city council may require of them. They shall be the clerk of the city council and shall keep a journal of all votes and proceedings. They shall engross all the ordinances passed by the city council in a book provided for that purpose, and shall add proper indexes; which book shall be deemed a public record of such ordinances. They shall perform such other duties as are required by law or shall be prescribed by the city council. 


City Treasurer Sandy Smith – term 4 years. Duties as described by City Charter: The City Treasurer shall collect and receive all assessments for sewers and drains, and all other assessments that may be duly levied. He shall collect all moneys due the city, except taxes, water charges or water rents, and shall receive, have the custody of any [and] pay out all moneys upon the certificate or written order of the mayor and the auditor, and shall cause an accurate account of the same to be kept in proper bookkeeping form, or in such form as the city council may prescribe. He shall, once in six months, or oftener if required, lay before the city council a detailed statement of the condition of the treasury and of all moneys received and paid by him on city accounts during the preceeding six months, and in every such statement the different sources of the city revenues, and the amounts received from each, the several appropriations made, the objects for which they were made and the amount of moneys expended under each, the money borrowed on the credit of the city, the authority under which each loan was made and the terms on which the same was obtained shall [be] clearly and particularly specified.


City Councilors (8 members At Large) and (7 Ward Councilors) – term 2 years. The city council shall determine the rules of its own proceedings and shall be judge of the election and qualifications of its own members. In case of the absence of the president the council shall choose a president pro tempore, and a plurality of the votes cast shall be sufficient for a choice. The council shall sit with open doors, whether in session as a city council or as a committee of the whole, and shall cause a journal of its proceedings to be kept, which journal shall be open to public inspection. The vote of the council upon any questions shall be taken by roll call when the same is requested by at least three members. A majority of the members of the council shall be required to constitute a quorum, but a smaller number may adjourn from day to day. The council shall, so far as is not inconsistent with this act, have and exercise all the legislative powers of towns and of the inhabitants thereof, and shall have and exercise all the powers now vested by law in the City of Holyoke and in the inhabitants thereof, as a municipal corporation, and be subject to all the liabilities of city councils, and of either branch thereof, under the General Laws, and it may by ordinance prescribe the manner in which such powers shall be exercised.


School Committee (2 At Large) and (7 Ward) – term 2 years. The management and control of the public schools of said city shall be vested in a school committee, consisting of nine persons, two of whom shall be chosen from the city at large and one by and from the voters of each ward. The school committee may elect a superintendent of schools, who shall also be its secretary, and may appoint such subordinate officers and assistants as it may deem necessary for the proper discharge of its duties and the conduct of its business, shall define their term of service and fix their compensation, and may remove and discharge them at pleasure. The school committee shall exercise the powers and discharge the duties imposed by law upon school committees. All orders, resolutions or votes of the school committee, except those fixing salaries, which involve the expenditure of money, shall be presented to the mayor for his approval.

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