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Damian Cote, Building Commissioner

Kevin Lagimonier, Assistant Building Commissioner

Leslie B. Ward, Building Official

Inspector office hours for walk-ins and calls 7:30-9:30 AM Monday-Friday, 1:00-2:00 PM Monday-Thursday, and a late office hour between 4:30-6:00 PM on Wednesdays

Building Permit Applications and Related Forms

Other forms

*All forms are in PDF and require PDF Reader
*Submit application forms on paper and all other documents (plans, specs, etc.) as ONE PDF with a directory on a thumb drive along with proper payment per fee schedule. If multiple PDFs are received a $50 fee will be assessed. Please double check the thumb drive can be opened and ALL documents are on it and also please provide contact information on a separate piece of paper included with the thumb drive
*Applications must be filed with the applicable fee before a review can begin
*Checks should be made out to the City of Holyoke

Building Fee Schedule

Residential (one or two-family)

New construction$0.45 per sq. feet, Minimum Fee: $100
Alterations and Repairs$75.00 plus $0.20 per sq/ft
Replacement windows and doors$50.00 plus $5.00 each additional window or door
Roofing, shed, fence, deck, retaining wall, stove, solar, siding$50.00
Swimming PoolAbove ground $50.00, In-ground $100.00
Sheet metal work$50.00 per unit
Demolition of 1 or 2 family home or garage$50.00


New construction and addition **Minimum fee $200.00
A. (Business, Assembly, Mercantile etc.).50 cents per square foot
B. (Multi Family Residential).40 cents per square foot
C. (Commercial Storage).30 cents per square foot
Alterations and Repairs **Minimum Fee $100.00
A. (Business, Assembly, Mercantile etc.).40 cents per square foot
B. (Multifamily Residential).30 cents per square foot
C. (Commercial Storage).20 cents per square foot
Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement$.06 cents per square foot
Demolition of Buildings or Structures$150.00 plus $50 per floor
Plan review or preliminary plan review$50.00
Sheet MetalMinimum fee of $100.00
New construction, additions,alterations$0.02 per square foot of conditioned space

 * If a specific project/repair isn’t listed the minimum fee applies

 ** A separate plan review fee of $.05 per sq/ft is collected by the Holyoke Fire Department.  If paying by check than submit a separate check.


Letter of Verification                                                                                                                                                                $20.00


Certificates of Occupancy

Fee for temporary Certificate of Occupancy     – Residential                                                                                              $100.00 every 30 days

Fee for temporary Certificate of Occupancy     – Commercial                                                                                             $500.00 every 30 days

Certificate of Occupancy (commonly known as final/full CO, included in building permit fee)                                         $0.00


Defined in city zoning ordinance 6.4.6
Up to 75 square feet “as of right”$50.00 per sign
Over 75 square feet permitted by special permit$100.00 per sign
Temporary structures
Including; Tents, stages, storage etc. maximum of 180 days.$75.00 per 30 days
Communication towers
New towers$500.00 plus $100 per antenna
Alterations and repairs$100.00 per antenna
Annual inspections
Home Occupation by special permit inspection$50.00
Certificate of Inspection, residential$50.00
Certificate of Inspection, all other use groups$100.00
Trench Permit (private property)$50.00


Per Section 18-91 of City Ordinances: Fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE

Fees for re-inspection of incomplete work, partial or missed inspections shall be paid prior to re-inspection and no less than $40.00


Sec 18-83. – Work started prior to obtaining permits.

Except in an emergency, as determined, by the Building Commissioner, where work for which a permit is required by this division is started or proceeded with prior to obtaining said permit, the above fee shall be double, but the payment of such fee shall not relieve a person, firm or corporation from fully complying with the requirements of this division in the execution of the work or from any penalty prescribed herein.

Links related to the Massachusetts State Building Code and related can be found here


  • Workers’ Compensation affidavit must be included and a copy of workers compensation declaration page must be submitted with each application
  • Rough work shall be inspected before closing
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