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You know sometimes the little things can really ruin your day. Like spilling coffee down your shirt, or getting a Parking Ticket…

So what can I do?

  1. Pay the ticketParking tickets can be paid in our office or through the mail. A $5.00 surcharge is automatically applied to an outstanding ticket after 21 days. If it remains unpaid, a $15.00 notice fee will be applied and it will eventually lead to a $20.00 marking fee from the Registry of Motor Vehicles, which will prevent license and registration renewals. Pay tickets online at Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc.
  2. Or…have a chance to have your say.Parking tickets may be appealed by filling out a Parking Appeal Form. Before returning this form to us, please call our office to let us know if you wish to come in person to the hearing so that we can tell you the date and time for you to appear, or you can circle in writing on the appeal form if you do not plan to come in person. Hearings are held once a month. If you fail to appear for your scheduled hearing, you forfeit your right to appeal and must pay the original fine. You can choose to have your appeal read by the hearings officer if you cannot come in for the scheduled hearing, and you will be notified of the hearings officer’s decision by phone or mail.

The Hearings officer’s decision on appeals is final

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