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Tax Collector


Laura E. Wilson
Tax Collector

City Hall
Room 13
Monday - Friday:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Department News

The second cycle of 2024 excise taxes and 4th quarter real estate/personal property bills will be out in the mail 4/1/24 and due 5/1/24. Please be on the look out for your bill and contact our office if you do not receive it. The bills are due on 5/1/24 whether you receive it in the mail or not. You can pay your bill online on UniPay. If you receive a bill for a vehicle you no longer own, call the Assessor's office first (413) 322-5550.


Municipal Lien Certificates requests and Veterans Emergency Fund donations can now be made online on UniPay

Excise taxes go out in cycles throughout the year. If you register a vehicle during the year, you should receive your first bill a couple months after it was registered. It is important that the RMV has your correct address so we can mail the bill to the correct address.

For bills that are past due, please contact our office for current amounts due before mailing in a payment.

If you no longer own a vehicle you get a bill for or you have moved out of state, contact the Assessor's office first (413) 322-5550.

Past due excise and parking tickets, click:



Please note there is a fee for paying with a debit/credit card online or in person.

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