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Payment of Water Charges
As a precautionary measure to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Holyoke Water Works recommends all payment of water charges be made online or by mail and refrain from walk-in payments at the main office until further notice.  Your support of this temporary practice will aid in reducing the spread of the virus and protect the public and our employees from unnecessary exposure.  


Our Mission: “Providing High Quality Water to our Customers at Competitive Rates”

Established in 1872, the Holyoke Board of Water Commissioners had the vision and foresight to design, plan and build one of the most reliable water systems known today.  A network of reservoirs located within the City of Holyoke and five neighboring communities impound billions of gallons of water ensuring the City’s water supply needs are met under all operating conditions.   Thousands of acres of watershed land owned and operated by Holyoke helps to protect and preserve these resources from contaminants.  An energy efficient gravity based system conveys water from the reservoirs to a centralized treatment facility where it is treated to meet all State and Federal water quality regulations.  Treated water is then distributed to a series of storage tanks and pumping stations that service the five individual pressure zones within the City. 

The water that reaches your tap is the result of a multi-step process that includes:

  • Protection – Our sources water protection program focuses on watershed management to maintain the quality of our drinking water sources.
  • Treatment – Our water treatment facility uses liquid chlorine and ammonium to disinfect the water so it is safe to drink.  The water is also fluoridated to reduce tooth decay and prevent cavities.  Finally, additives are introduced to regulate water pH and alkalinity helping to reduce corrosion inside the pipes.
  • Monitoring – We conduct hundreds of tests a year of samples collected from numerous locations throughout the distribution system, the water treatment plant and from the reservoirs.


As a result, the Holyoke Water Works has been able to provide an abundant supply of safe, clean drinking water which is essential to the health and well being of our consumers.  Holyoke Water Works is dedicated to protecting and preserving our valuable water resources for the benefit of the community today and for future generations to come.  Through sound and prudent fiscal practices, we can ensure these services are provided to our community at both affordable and competitive rates.



Matt Smith - Supervisor Source of Supply

(413) 536-0442


Joseph Manzi - Acting Business Manager

(413) 536-0442


John R. Lachat - General Foreman Construction Division
Cross Connection Control Coordinator

(413) 536-3392


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The Holyoke Water Works offers several options to pay your water bill which include pay on-line, pay by mail and pay in person.  Payment can be made by cash, check or debit/credit card payment.  The Holyoke Water Works accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Pay on-line  

For your convenience, the Holyoke Water Works offers on-line payment.  Please click on the following link to use this option:  http://holyokemawater.billtrust.com   You can see your most recent transactions as well as your current and past monthly payments.  Take advantage of paying on-line by using our secured Check-free service.


Pay by Mail

Updated Water Bills with Customer Convenience in Mind!

Consumers began receiving new water bills in the mail this June. 

Previously, this bill listed standard information such as usage and charges.

The new bill will provide contact information, office hours and key messages for customers to stay informed and updated with the services. The new, more modern bill allows consumers to include both water and sewer checks/stubs in a self-addressed envelope for simple mail-in payments. There is also information displayed on the new bill about a paperless option. This is one of many steps taken to improve our customers’ payment options.

Take a look!

 Holyoke MA water bill



Pay in Person

Payment of water charges can be made in person at the following location:


                  Holyoke Water Works

                  20 Commercial Street

                  Holyoke, MA  01040


Disputing your Bill

If for any reason you believe your bill is incorrect, you may dispute your water charges by calling a customer service representative at 413-536-0442.  In the event our customer service representative cannot resolve your dispute, you may request a hearing in writing before the Board of Water Commissioners.  Your dispute will be discussed at a regular public meeting of the Board.  A decision will be rendered and formal written notice issued within thirty (30) days of the hearing.  Any ensuing interest charges that accrue during the period your dispute is under consideration by the Board will be credited.


Delinquent Charges

All charges or bills are due and payable upon receipt.  Charges will be considered delinquent if not paid within forty-five (45) days from the billing date listed on the bill.  Charges remaining unpaid after such due date shall be subject to an interest charge at an annual rate of 14% under the provisions of Massachusetts General Law Chapter 40, Section 21E and the City of Holyoke Late Payment Ordinance.  Payment must be received by the Holyoke Water Works before the past due date. 


Shut Off for Non-Payment of Charges

Water service may be terminated to a delinquent account if payment is not made within thirty (30) days from the issuance of a final payment notice.  In addition to this provision, the Holyoke Water Works may charge a water shut-off/turn-on fee of One Hundred ($100) dollars and final notice and demand fee of fifty ($50) dollars, independent of the actual or physical termination of water service.


The Board of Water Commissioners consists of three (3) member appointed by the Holyoke City Council.  Members hold office for a period of three (3) years.



Current members are:

John P. Barrett – Chairman (term expires January 2021)

Kevin Jourdain –  Vice Chairman (term expires January 2022)

Bill N. Harbilas – Treasurer (term expires January 2023)


The Holyoke Water Works is committed to providing high quality water and professional services to our customers at competitive prices.


Water Rate for Fiscal Year 2019 for all Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Public users:

$.4709/100 gallons – Minimum Charge $47.09 per 100 gallons


Holyoke’s water rate is regarded as one of the lowest in Massachusetts. To view how competitive Holyoke’s water rate is to other communities in the region, please view the 2018 Water Rates and Regional Community Comparison listed below.


2018 Water Rates and Regional Community Comparison (pdf)

Fees and Charges for New Water Service (pdf)

Charges for Water and other Related Services (pdf)

Deposit for New Water Service and/or Water Meter (pdf)

Fines and Penalties (pdf)



The Holyoke Water Works (HWW) Watershed Resource Protection Plan (WRPP) was developed for the protection of the Tighe-Carmody (Manhan) Reservoir, McLean Reservoir, Ashley Reservoir and Whiting Street Reservoir surface water supplies.  The WRPP is intended to facilitate watershed protection efforts that will serve as the initial barrier in a multi-barrier protection scheme (watershed protection plus disinfection) to ensure a safe, potable water supply. The objectives of the WRPP are to assist in identifying potential threats to Holyoke’s supply sources, to determine whether the watersheds can be shielded from those identified threats, and to develop a protection plan to protect the water quality from future threats.  The plan is reviewed by the Department of Environmental Protection and updates are made by HWW annually to meet ever changing regulations and challenges for the protection of the water supplies. To view the plan, click on the link below to view each section.


  1. Section 1 – Section 1 Introduction
  2. Section 2 – Emergency Response Plan
  3. Section 3 – Waterfowl Management Program
  4. Section 4 – Inspection/Patrol Program
  5. Section 5 – Recreational Management Plan
  6. Section 6 – Reservoir Maintenance Program
  7. Section 7 – Land Acquisition Program
  8. Section 8 – Forest Management Program
  9. Section 9 – Erosion Control Program
  10. Section 10 – Public Awareness Program
  11. Section 11 – Contamination Threat Program
  12. Section 12 – Water Use Restriction Program
  13. Section 13 – Sanitary Surveys
  14. Section 14 – Water Quality Data




The Holyoke Water Works (HWW) has collaborated with the cities of Westfield and West Springfield to assess their potential entry into the carbon cap and trade market across a collective 15,000+ acres spread throughout six towns. This project is the first of its type across the nation whereby multiple communities entered into an agreement for carbon sequestration and climate change adaptation strategies.


Cap and trade is and environmentally and economically sensible approach to controlling greenhouse gas emissions, the primary driver of global warming. A cap is established that limits emissions. This cap is lowered over time to reduce the amount of pollutants released into the atmosphere. A market is created that trades for carbon allowances. Companies that generate emissions buy carbon allowances, giving them time to develop strategies to reduce carbon emissions. Companies are motivated to innovate in order to meet their allocated limits. The less they emit, the less they pay, so it is in their economic incentive to pollute less. HWW hopes to benefit by selling these carbon allowances in the ever growing carbon market.



The Forest Stewardship Council Green Certification Management Plan (FSC) is a working guide that allows the Holyoke Water Works (HWW) to protect the quality of water, which moves through their forested lands, maintaining a health inventory through a select and diverse harvesting program.


The document provides guidance for the stewardship decisions necessary for the development of a species diverse, all-aged forest that works as a natural filtration and purification system for water. The planning process allows HWW to maximize a mix of forest benefits including timber harvesting, carbon sequestration, cultural resources, endangered and protected habitats, and preservation of wildlife.


In today’s quickly changing climate environment, a plan provides strategies for the HWW decisions for the maintenance of a healthy and resilient resource. A good plan combines the natural and geographic characteristics of forest watershed with HWW water quality protection interests and objectives to produce a set of forest management recommendations Forest Stewardship Council Green Certification holds the HWW management planning process to a higher standard of watershed management, which reflects internationally approved standards for silviculture and resource protection.



Forest Stewardship-Green Certification Management Plan for: Manhan Reservoir

Forest Stewardship-Green Certification Management Plan for: McLean Reservoir Ashley Reservoir

Forest Stewardship-Green Certification Management Plan for: Ashley Reservoir

Forest Stewardship-Green Certification Management Plan for: Whiting Street Reservoir

Forest Stewardship-Green Certification Management Plan for: Huntington Lands

The Holyoke Department of Water Works is constantly monitoring and testing the quality of Holyoke’s drinking water. The safety and quality of Holyoke’s tap water is our top priority. We are committed to:


  • Protect Public Health
  • Protect Public Safety
  • Protect the Environment


Consumer Confidence Reports


We are confident!

Holyoke Water Works is pleased to present our annual Consumer Confidence Reports. We provide the public with a compressive overview of the Holyoke Water System and an annual average water quality data. The collection of data for the preceding year is generated annually, it is analyzed and compiled, and is made available in June of each year. The 2015 report will be available in June 2016.


These  reports are generated every three years.

Water Report Awards
Holyoke Water Works is pleased to present a list of the awards received for outstanding performance in the operation of a public water supply over the last 10 years.
You can download and view the Holyoke Water Works award list.

Any person, group, business, or corporation who is supplied by the public water distribution system shall be required to comply with the following Rules and Regulations established by the Board of Water Commissioners, the governing body created under the Special Acts of the Legislature.  The Board of Water Commissioners reserves the right to final interpretation or variance to these Rules and Regulations. We have outlined the sections below. Please click on the section of interest and download the document.


  1. Section 1 – Definitions and General Provisions
  2. Section 2 – Water Service
  3. Section 3 – Conditions of Service
  4. Section 4 –  Conditions of Construction
  5. Section 5 –  Material Standards
  6. Section 6 –   Construction Standards
  7. Section 7 –  Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention
  8. Section 8 –  Billing and Metering Procedures
  9. Section 9 –  Termination of Water Services
  10. Section 10 – Use of Fire Hydrants
  11. Section 11 – Reservoir Usage
  12. Section 12 – Water Loss Prevention Program
  13. Section 13 – Secondary Meter Program

———-     Public Notice – Holyoke Water Works     ———-

Payment of Water Charges
As a precautionary measure to prevent the potential spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Holyoke Water Works recommends all payment of water charges be made online or by mail and refrain from walk-in payments at the main office until further notice.  Your support of this temporary practice will aid in reducing the spread of the virus and protect the public and our employees from unnecessary exposure.  


Holyoke Water Works provides the latest news and updates to our customers in an effort to communicate and inform you of important  information and projects.

Please check back for the latest updates.


Recent Updates Regarding the Forestry Management Plan


  • Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Group Certification – Description of System for Identifying and Maintaining High Conservation Value Forests on Member Properties (Download here)
  • High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Assessment – Tigh-Carmody Reservoir (Download here)
  • High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Assessment – McLean Reservoir (Download here)
  • High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Assessment – Ashly Pond Reservoir (Download here)
  • High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Assessment – Whiting Street Reservoir (Download here)

Department Head

David M. Conti

David M. Conti

General Manager

Office Address

Main Office:
20 Commercial Street
Holyoke, MA 01040

Treatment Facility:
600 Westfield Road Holyoke, MA 01040 Map

Contact Info

Main Office

(413) 536-0442

Service Department

(413) 536-0262

24 Hour Emergency Service

(413) 536-0262

Treatment Facility

(413) 532-6778

Office Hours

Customer Service:
Monday – Friday
8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Service Department:
Monday – Friday
7:00 am to 3:00 pm

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