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Please use the following application for all Special Permits.

Special Permit Application-City Council

Applications for a Marijuana Manufacturing Establishment

Marijuana Manufacturing Establishment Application

Marijuana Manufacturing Establishment Amendment Application

 Important Documents:

Special Permit Ordinance4.3 Table of Principal Uses
5.2 Table of Dimensional RegulationsTable of Off-Street Parking Standards

The Holyoke City Council approves the following Special Permits:


4.4.3 Dwelling units in accessory structures4.7.3 Nonconforming structures, other than single-and two-family structures
4.4.9 Accessory to scientific research4.7.5 Nonconforming single-and two-family structures
4.7.2 Nonconforming uses4.8.2 By special permit Home Occupation


5.3.1 Height limitation

GENERAL REGULATIONS: Special permit for a driveway in a front yard
6.4.7 Non-Accessory Signs - Please Call the City Clerks Office


7.1.1 Hospital Height7.2.13 Outdoor sales lots for new and used motor vehicles and trucks, and marine and recreational vehicles
7.2.1 Motor vehicle service station 7.2.13(a) Motor vehicle repair garage
7.2.2 Bulk fuel, oil, gas, coal storage or distribution operation7.2.13(b) Motor vehicle body repair or paint shop
7.2.3 Advertising blimps7.2.14 Refuse transfer station
7.2.4 Financial institutions in industrial park districts 7.3 Removal of earth materials
7.2.5 Flea market 7.4.1 Conversion of two-family dwelling into a three-family
7.2.6 Boarding houses 7.7.2 Retirement Communities
7.2.7 Bed and breakfast 
7.2.8 Adult entertainment 
7.2.9 Third dwelling unit in an existing
7.2.11 Motor car race tracks, speedways; horse and dog race tracks
7.2.12 Temporary storage units 


7.8.4 Wireless Telecommunication facilities and antennas 7.8.9 Alterations to Wireless Telecommunications Facilities
7.8.5 Antenna on an existing wireless telecommunications7.9. Solar Facilities


7.10.Medical Marijuana Facilities8.4 Professional Office Overlay District (POOD)
8.1.2 Floodplain overlay district 8.7.4 Arts and Industry Overlay District Motor vehicle light service shopping center Ordinance8.8.3 Nonconforming Downtown Residential District 
8.8.5 Dimensional Variation 

Zone Change:

Zone Change Parcel – Application


As of Right Home Occupation Application

4.8.1 As of Right Home Occupation Ordinance

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