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Permit/ License Fee
Auction Permit $15.00 Residential/ $10.00 Nonresidential
Bowling Alley $10.00 per alley yearly
Flea Market $500.00
Home Occupation As of Right Permit $100.00 Annually, $40.00 Business License
Junk Sales license $50.00 Annually
Junk Collector’s License $50.00 Annually
Livery License $130.00 Annually
Pawnbrokers License $50.00 Annually
Pool/Billiards $10.00 per table annually
Second-Hand License $50.00 Annually
Service (Gas) and Self-service Station $100.00
Taxi Cab Permits $130.00 per year per cab
Zoning Change $100.00 if granted.


Special Permits

Advertising Blimps $100.00 permit
Adult Entertainment $100.00 permit
Auto Repair/Auto Body Shop $100.00 permit
Banking, financial institutions in IP $100.00 permit
Bed & Breakfast $100.00 permit
Boarding House $100.00 permit
Bulk Fuel/oil/gas/ etc Storage or Distribution $100.00 permit
Car Wash $100.00 permit
Cemetery $100.00 permit
Commercial Storage Containers $100.00 permit
Drive-Thru $100.00 permit
Dwelling Units in Accessory Structures $100.00 permit
Excavation-Earth Removal $100.00 permit
Fast food restaurant in BL, BG, and IG $100.00 permit
Funeral Home $100.00 permit
Home Occupation $100.00 permit
Hotel $100.00 permit
Motor Car Speedway, Race Track $100.00 permit
Motor Vehicles, Boats, Trailer Sales $100.00 permit
Outdoor Golf Driving Range $100.00 permit
Planned Unit Development $100.00 permit
Refuse Transfer Station $100.00 permit
Retirement/Assisted Living $100.00 permit
Sale of Motor Vehicles (all classes) $100.00 permit
Wireless Communication $200.00 Existing/ $500.00 New


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