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Ronald Dietrich

  • Ronald A. Dietrich (Director / Division Commander)

Jean Dietrich

  • Jean L. Dietrich (Deputy Director / AuxCademy Training Center Director)

Mary Gubala

  • Mary Gubala (Administrator / Chief of Staff)

Anthony Suffriti

  • Anthony Suffriti (Commander / Medical & Defensive Tactics)

Nicholas Young

  • Nicholas Young (Commander / Auxiliary Road Jobs)

David Aponte

  • David Aponte (Commander / Sergeant-at-Arms)

Michael Sullivan

  • Michael Sullivan (Senior Supervisor / Chaplain)

Michael Dion

  • Michael Dion (Commander /  Field Group Operations /  Website Editor)

Pierre Dion

  • Pierre Dion (Group 1 Supervisor)

Vincent Dion

  • Vincent Dion (Group 2 Supervisor)

Luis Rodriguez

  • Luis Rodriguez (Group 3 Supervisor)

  • John Smith (Group 4 Supervisor)


Thomas Kurpaska

  • Thomas Kurpaska (Group 5 Supervisor)

  • Kenneth Laduzinski (Senior Supervisor / Special Call-Ups / Emergency Services)

Donald Andrejczyk

  • Donald Andrejczyk (Commander / Operations Assistant / Recruits)

Nelson Serrao

  • Nelson Serrao (Commander / Field Group Operation Assignments)
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