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Auxiliary Traffic


Auxiliary Traffic Division HQ
War Memorial Building
310 Appleton Street

Have you ever asked yourself, what can I do to improve my community?


The Holyoke Auxiliary Traffic Division is a volunteer, trained and uniformed division of the Holyoke Police Department.  It consists of an Auxiliary Police Director, Commanders and Supervisory Officers and also comprises of 70 plus members.

The Auxiliary Traffic supports the Holyoke Police Department’s Bureau of Field Operations for services such as the Saint Patrick’s Road Race and Parade, Boston Marathon at Hopkinton,  Our Lady of Fatima Candlelight Street Procession at Ludlow, Annual Fireworks, Celebrate Holyoke,  Local Church Details, Parades, Veteran's Ceremonies, and Emergency Services.

Three marked police cruisers are assigned to this division to facilitate their duties.

They also have a Special Uniformed Honor Guard

Miguel DeJesus Sr.

John E. Smith

Vincent C. Dion

Nelson Serrao

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