City Clerk

The City Clerk Office serves as a document and information resource to the Council, all City departments, and the citizens of our city. The City Clerk is elected every four years and is responsible for the due, proper and faithful performance of all operational matters of City Council.

As the official keeper of municipal records, the Clerk oversees various certificates and licenses, such as birth, death, or marriage. Businesses may register newly formed sole proprietorships and partnerships and renew previously granted licenses.  Also, dog licenses are obtained here.

In Holyoke, the position of City Clerk has three additional duties; Clerk of the Council,  Elections, and the Registrar of Voters.

As Clerk to the City Council, the clerk keeps  records and recordings of all City Council meetings, prepares the agenda, and records all votes and roll call as well as performs special duties.

  1. The City Council meets every first and third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 pm.
  2. The agendas for City Council Meetings may be obtained on-line or through the City Clerk's Office on the Friday before the meeting.
  3. The minutes of the City Council meetings may be obtained on-line or through the City Clerk's Office 10 days after the meeting in order for the Mayor to sign the orders.
  4. Records of Legislation are kept in the City Clerk's Office.


Irma Lopez - Assistant City Clerk

(413) 322-5520

Kelly Lundgren - 2nd Assistant City Clerk

(413) 322-5520

Federico "Polo" Delgado - Principal Clerk


Patricia Tenney - Head Clerk

(413) 322-5520

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Can’t find your birth certificate? 


Or do you need a copy of your marriage license or a death record? The City Clerk’s Office is the place to go.


The City Clerk records and preserves original birth, marriage and death records for the City of Holyoke, providing the basis for the Commonwealth’s Central Vital Registration System. 


We now offer two options for ordering a copy of your vital record.



To request and submit payment of a birth, death or marriage certificate please follow these instructions:

  1. Send an email request to Be sure to include:
    1. Full name
    2. Date of birth
    3. Address to send certificate
    4. Phone number
    5. Name of person on credit/debit card
  2. Click on this link and submit payment:
  3. Once the email request and payment are received and processed this office will mail it out.

NOTE: Records are $10. A $2.50 service charge from Vital Check will be added to all online payements.

*Records that are restricted will require a photo ID. If the record is restricted we will call you to have you mail in a photo copy of your ID.



If you need to request a birth, marriage or death record, please download the appropriate form or submit a request in writing to the office, do not request this via email.  The address is City Clerk, 536 Dwight St., Holyoke, MA  01040.


Birth Certificate Request Form

Marriage License Application

Death Record Request Form

Instructions for requests:

The fee for birth, marriage and death records is $10.00. Download and fill out the form listed above, or submit a letter with your name (including birth name), date of birth and photocopy of your driver’s license or state issued id and the certificate will be mailed to you.

The City Clerk is responsible for providing licensing for:



All persons who wish to be married in Massachusetts must have a marriage license issued within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The couple must apply in person at City Hall. There is a (3) three day waiting period to receive your license.

Download the Marriage License Application



Licensing helps prevent against rabies outbreaks by requiring a certificate of vaccination for all dogs. Licensing your pet increases the chance that you will be reunited with your pet in the unfortunate event he or she is lost.

Download the Application for Dog License



Licensing is required to be filed for anyone for the purchase, sale or barter of junk, old metals, or second-hand articles.

Download the Junk Dealer’s License Application


Secondhand Goods

Should your business be as a holder/seller/dealer of precious and second-hand articles, a valid license must be on-site. Application must be made through the Town Clerk’s office

Download the Secondhand License Application



Licensing is required for theatrical exhibitions, public shows, public amusements and exhibitions of every description, to be held upon weekdays only. Sunday events require a special license from the DPW.

Download Exhibition License Application

Permit/ License


Auction Permit

$15.00 Residential/ $10.00 Nonresidential

Bowling Alley

$10.00 per alley yearly

Flea Market


Home Occupation As of Right Permit

$100.00 Annually, $40.00 Business License

Junk Sales license

$50.00 Annually

Junk Collector’s License

$50.00 Annually

Livery License

$130.00 Annually

Pawnbrokers License

$50.00 Annually


$10.00 per table annually

Second Hand License

$50.00 Annually

Service (Gas) and Self-service Station


Taxi Cab Permits

$130.00 per year per cab

Zoning Change

$50.00 Application/ $100.00 if granted.


Special Permits


Advertising Blimps

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Adult Entertainment

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Auto Repair/Auto Body Shop

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Banking, financial institutions in IP

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Bed & Breakfast

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Boarding House

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Bulk Fuel/oil/gas/ etc Storage or Distribution

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Car Wash

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit


$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Commercial Storage Containers

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Drive Thru

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Dwelling Units in Accessory Structures

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Excavation-Earth Removal

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Fast food restaurant in BL, BG, and IG

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Funeral Home

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Home Occupation

$50.00 application/$100.00 permit


$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Motor Car Speedway, Race Track

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Motor Vehicles, Boats, Trailer Sales

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Outdoor Golf Driving Range

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Planned Unit Development

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Refuse Transfer Station

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Retirement/Assisted Living

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Sale of Motor Vehicles (all classes)

$50.00 application/ $100.00 permit

Wireless Communication

$200.00 Existing/ $500.00 New

Genealogy is the number one hobby in America. Birth, death, and marriage certificates are often the first step in researching the family tree. For many American families who have ancestors who once lived in, or passed through, Holyoke, the Archives is a mandatory stop on the research trail.


City Hall welcomes family members and relatives to research their archives!


Please feel free to stop in  Tuesday – Thursday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm and from 2:00 – 4:00 pm.

The City Clerk also serves as the Registrar of Voters.

Please visit their page for information about special dates, absentee information, and more.



Nomination Papers for the 2015 Municipal Election are now available!

Below is a list of candidates that have taken out nomination papers as of March 19, 2015.  List will be continuously updated.


Alex Morse Mayor
Paul Bowes Mayor
Mike Franco City Councilor At-Large
Jordan Lemieux City Councilor At-Large (certified)
Peter Tallman City Councilor At-Large
Jennifer Chateauneuf City Councilor At-Large
Paul Bowes City Councilor At-Large
Daniel Bresnahan City Councilor At-Large
David Bartley City Councilor Ward 3
Jossie Valentin City Councilor Ward 4
Linda Vacon City Councilor Ward 5
Christine Burns City Councilor Ward 5
Mark Riffenburg City Councilor Ward 6
Kevin Jourdain City Councilor Ward 6
Jon Lumbra City Councilor Ward 7
Paul Bowes City Councilor Ward 7
John Whelihan  School Committee At-Large
Mildred Lefebvre School Committee Ward 1
Rosalee Tensley Williams School Committee Ward 2
Dennis Birks School Committee Ward 3
Scott Burns School Committee Ward 4
William Collamore School Committee Ward 6


Last day to turn nomination papers in will be July 28, 2015.

Last day to register to vote for the Preliminary Election (if necessary) will be September 2, 2015.

Preliminary Election (if necessary) will be September 22, 2015.

Last Day to register to vote for the Municipal Election will be October 14, 2015.

Municipal Election November 3, 2015.


Official Results- State Election November 4, 2014


State Primary Election Results 2014





The Municipal Code is a published compilation of City laws and their revisions organized according to subject matter (arranged by title, chapter and section). The Municipal Code is updated periodically as new ordinances are adopted by the City Council. 


The City of Holyoke Ordinances are available for online viewing at Municode.


Please note: Several ordinances that have been approved by the City Council may not be included in this format. Additionally, some City Codes may have changed since the most recent update. These publications are made available for informational purposes only, and no action should be taken without first consulting with city officials. Also, any publication on the Municipal Code Corporation website may vary in format and in pagination from the code currently in use by the City of Holyoke. 


In an effort to provide more up to date information we will be posting current ordinances as they are approved by City Council and approved by the Mayor. This page reflects the time period beginning January 1, 2014.


License Fee Increase Handicap Parking Library
Smoke Free City Hall Handicap Parking 996 Dwight St.
Smoke Free Public Parks Handicap Parking 285 Pine Street
St. Pat Day Parking Fee Handicap Parking 21Clinton Street
Remove Parking Signs from Linden and Suffolk Street Handicap Parking 980 Dwight Street
Install Stop Sign at King and Queen Streets Remove Handicap sign
Issuing Non-Criminal Tickets on the First Violation


Handicap Parking for 6 Center Street (5-20-14)

Extending the Creative Economy Industry Coordinator position (5-20-14) Handicap Parking for 87 Beech Street Street
Change to Ordinance 2-312 (b)-Sick Leave Balances Handicap Parking for 461 Appleton Street
Change 30 Minute Parking Signs on Suffolk Street to 90 Minute Handicap Parking for 728 Hampden Street
 Fifiteen Minute Parking Spaces at 389 Main Street  Handicap Parking for 74 Pine Street
 Private Artwork Installations on Public Property Handicap Parking for 318 Elm Street
  Handicap Parking for 24 East Court
   Handicap Parking at 44 Congress Street




According to the Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 55 – Campaign and Finance Reports; Campaign Finance Reports for the Mayor and City Councilors (both At-Large and District) are  filed with the City Clerk’s Office.

Resources and links:

OCPF Special Edition Campaign Finance Law Changes

Office of Campaign and Political Finance 

Blank forms for your reports are available for download 

For answers to frequently asked questions, see How Do I…?


Campaign Finance Reports 

Year End 2014

Year End 2013


Department Head

Brenna Murphy McGee

Brenna Murphy McGee

City Clerk/Registrar of Voters

Office Address

City Hall
536 Dwight Street
Room 2
Holyoke,MA 01040 Map

Contact Info

Main Office

(413) 322-5520

Office Hours

Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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