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You can download an absentee ballot or early voting ballot application here:

Absentee Ballot Application-NEW


APPLICATION REQUIREMENT AV always requires an application (in-person and through the mail) EV requires an application if its is requested through the mail.  No application is required for in-person EV.
ELIGIBILITY FOR PARTICIPATING AV requires qualified registered voters to have a specific reason in order to vote absentee (absence, disability, religious belief). All qualified registered voters are eligible to participate in EV.
METHOD AND TIMING OF VOTING AV ballots can be mailed as soon as the AV ballots become available.  Voters can vote AV in person, by appointment. EV ballots can only be mailed out once the EV period begins (October 22nd). Early voting in person is during regular business hours of the local election official.
TABULATION OF BALLOTS AV ballots are counted at the polling place on Election Day. EV ballots are counted on Election day at the polling place OR at a Central Tabulation Facility, if a City/Town chooses to have one.
APPLICATION BY A FAMILY MEMBER Family members of qualified absentee voters may apply for their Absentee ballot and may also deliver their Absentee ballot to the Clerk’s Office. A family member may NOT request an EV ballot for an EV voter, and may NOT deliver the ballot of behalf of the EV voter back to the Clerk’s Office.
ONCE YOU CAST THE BALLOT Once a voter returns their Ave ballot, they may still vote on Election Dy as long as their ballot has not been processed. Once a voter returns their EV ballot and the ballot is received by the Local Election Official, they may no longer vote on Election Day or any other way.

For additional information please visit the State of Massachusetts web site “Information for Voters

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