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If you are looking to relocate or expand your business within the City of Holyoke, below are various resources to help you find available property. After browsing these resources, feel free to contact the Office of Planning & Economic Development at 413-322-5655, if you require further Site Matching Assistance.


1. Private Property

There are numerous local real estate brokers in Holyoke and the region who are experienced and have in-depth knowledge of Holyoke’s real estate market.

There are also a few helpful online commercial real estate search engines as well:


2. City Property

Surplus Property

These are generally properties that are owned by the City and are not intended for future city-use, therefore being declared “surplus” and ready for disposition. For a listing of Surplus Properties please visit the Purchasing Department page. Sale of these properties can happen in two ways:

    1. If the property has an assessed value of under $25,000, a written offer can but submitted for consideration by the Mayor and City Council
    2. If the property has an assessed value of over $25,000, a Request For Proposals (RFP) must be issued by the Purchasing Department, whereby the prospective buyer would submit a proposal for the intended use and monetary offer. All proposals would be evaluated by a committee of City Officials and be submitted for approval of the Mayor and City Council.


Tax Title Property

These are properties that have been taken by the City for deliquint taxes. Once taken, the Tax Title Custodian then determines whether to auction, issue RFP or transfer the property to another City Department. For more information on current Tax Title Properties and the auction process click here to visit the City Treasurer’s page.


HRA, HEDIC & HG&E Property

The Holyoke Redevelopment Authority, HEDIC and Holyoke Gas & Electric have property intended for redevelopment purposes. and issue RFPs occasionally. For more information on properties and current RFPs please contact the Office of Planning & Economic Development at 413-322-5655. 


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