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Property for Sale

Holyoke Redevelopment Authority Notice of Property Available for Sale

163 Sargeant- “The Armory”:

The Holyoke Redevelopment Authority is seeking proposals from qualified developers for the purchase and development of 163 Sargeant Street, Holyoke Massachusetts, also known as “The Armory”.

The property is further identified in the Holyoke Assessors records as Map 004, Block 06, Parcel 009. The property is located in the Urban Renewal Plan Project Area #3 and is zoned Downtown Residential (DR). The property consists of approximately 0.44 acres of land.

The building was constructed for the National Guard in 1907 and is eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. The City of Holyoke took ownership of the property in 2013 through a tax title taking. Transfer of the property to the Holyoke Redevelopment Authority (HRA) from the City of Holyoke was approved by the Holyoke City Council on August 2, 2016. In 2016, the rear portion of the building collapsed and the City demolished the collapsed section of the building and shored up the front of the structure, which is the most architecturally significant. Today the historic façade is intact, and the remaining structure consists of two-stories and a basement area.

The HRA seeks development proposals that advance the HRA’s and the City of Holyoke’s economic development goals as articulated in the Urban Renewal Plan and other referenced economic development plans. The HRA is seeking proposals that prioritize the preservation and reuse of the historic building and mimic the historic look and feel of the neighborhood. Proposals will be evaluated based on plans for historic reuse, development experience, and intended use. The HRA is prioritizing mixed use developments that have both housing and commercial use.

Land on Race and Main Streets:

The Holyoke Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is seeking proposals for land located on Race and Main Streets available for residential and commercial uses.  For this property the HRA is seeking a mixed-use development that would add new housing units, new jobs and add to the vibrancy occurring in the area.

The property consists of six adjacent parcels of land that collectively contain approximately 0.757 acres of land.  The property is zoned General Industry (IG).

The area around the property has seen notable developments over the past few years with more development under construction or in the planning stage.  Adjacent to the south of the property is the “Cubit” building which is a mixed residential and commercial development while directly to the north is the Armour Building currently being converted to a restaurant and co-working space.  Under construction one block away is WinnDevelopment’s Appleton Mills Phase 1 creating 88 units of 55+  housing.  Phase 2, which would bring an additional 75 units on-line, is in the planning stage.  Additional activities are nearby at Open Square and in the Arts & Industry District with nightlife, shops and restaurants.

Property Sale Notice – Race and Main Street Land (3.6.2024 final) (1)

Download the Proposal Packet here:

Notice Of Property For Sale 163 Sargeant Updated May 2023 Final

For more information on the property please see:

Download the “Holyoke-Armory_Final-Study-Report” here

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