Effective November 3rd, 2021, the mask mandate will transition to a mask advisory.  This will include Holyoke municipal properties such as City Hall and the Annex.

This action does not prevent local businesses or industries from enforcing their own mask requirements.

This also does not apply to the mask mandate in the Public Schools set by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)

For the latest information about  COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) Recovery, click here to visit our dedicated page.

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When do I sign up my child for sports?

If you are interested in involving your child in a sports activity, under the Parks & Recreation department page there is a listing of sports activities for the entire year.  As a general rule, sign-ups for a specific sport are held a season prior to the activity.  For example, winter sports hold their sign-ups in the fall and spring sports typically hold their sign-ups in the winter.  The exception are fall sports.  They hold their sign-ups in the spring, as summertime does not work for many people.

At what age can my child start playing sports?

Activity is very important in a child’s development.  However, most organized and instructional sports typically do not start until kindergarten age, some start even later.  If you are looking for a program for younger children, we suggest contacting a private business that has programs that allow kids to be social while developing motor skills.

Do I need a permit to play a game or hold a practice in a City park?

City parks are open to the public.  However, by obtaining a permit for a specific location and time, you can assure your usage. If a team or organization is permitted to use a location, they have the first right to use the field.  Fields are generally booked well in advance, so please call ahead.  (413) 322-5620.

Community Field Rental Fees


2 hours   ~   $100.00

4 hours  ~    $125.00

8 hours  ~    $250.00

The pavilion includes: 4 picnic tables, 2 charcoal grills (must bring own charcoal)

Available 7 days a week

Picnic Tables

$15.00 per table (unlimited time)

Table Numbers 1-6 are located in the field just before the Pavilion

Table Numbers 7-10 are located near the playground, water spray and the restrooms

Call 322-5620 for more information

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