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Anniversary Field ~ Originally known as “Crafts Hill”, located behind the former John J. Lynch School, the land was purchased and named “Anniversary Park” in commemoration of Holyoke’s 50th Anniversary as a City in 1923. This is a popular area to sled in the winter and hosts football and baseball (90′ diamond) in the other seasons. Off-street parking is available at 1575 Northampton Street.


Avery Field ~ First called “Hampden Playground”, it was named for Mayor Nathan P. Avery, in 1933.  It was under Avery’s administration that the Holyoke playground system was instituted.  This was one of the first systems in the United States to adopt it as a municipal function. The park contains: one 60′ diamond, backstop, player benches, and protective fence, one full-size basketball court, a play structure for 5-8 yr olds, swings and benches.  Street parking is available.  This park was completely renovated in 2014. Located off Oak Street.


Bennett Field ~ The grounds contain a 75′ diamond, player benches with protective screening, one mid-size and one large-size soccer field, one outdoor basketball court and a walking track.  Parking is available at Donahue school at 210 Whiting Farms Road and on the other side of the fields.


Bonin Field (Germania Park) ~ This stadium-style park contains a 60′ diamond with player benches and protective fencing.  The park is a popular area for community baseball games. The park is located on Jackson Street.  Street parking is available.


Community Field ~ Holyoke Community Field, originally planned as an enclosed athletic stadium, was dedicated on October 31, 1925.  The land was gifted to the City as park and recreation property by the non-profit citizen organization Holyoke Community Field, Inc.  The group, lead by Rotarian Oren B. Smith, raised funds and purchased land for use to “promote physical education and athletic exercise.” Community Field underwent a $3.1M reconstruction and renovation and was reopened in June 2012 as a year-round park.  Features include a 300′ refrigerated ice skating path, warming house with bathrooms, a large hill with sledding capability, two large playscape structures, picnic tables, a pavilion, an enclosed dog park, hiking, and walking trails, as well as significant improvements to the water management of the park.  There is also a large recreational area dedicated to Ralph and Edward Sacks in the park.  There is ample parking.


Crosier Field  ~ Long known as “Soldier’s Field,” it was renamed and dedicated as Crosier Field on Armistice (Veteran’s) Day, 1939, in memory of the late Major William J. Crosier.  Crosier was, for 15 years, the superintendent of Holyoke’s parks and playgrounds. One of Holyoke’s most popular recreation areas,  Crosier Field hosts many activities and includes 60′, 75′ and 90′ diamonds, 5 tennis courts (2 courts are lighted), and seasonally two soccer fields and one field hockey field.  Parking is available on street and at Peck school 1916 Northampton St.


Dean Technical High School ~ Outdoor facilities include two full basketball courts and two half courts, one 60′ diamond, and one mid-size soccer field.  The fields and courts are lighted.  The 60′ diamond was upgraded with new lighting and a new dugout,  courtesy of the Holyoke Youth Baseball League. A new scoreboard is anticipated in 2018. Located at Dean Technical High School 1045 Main Street.


Donahue School ~ Refer to Bennett Field for a listing of services.


Ely Court ~ The park contains one fenced basketball court and benches. Scheduled for renovation in 2018. Located on Center and Lyman Streets.


E.N. White School ~ The facilities include a 60′ diamond, player benches with protective fencing, a small soccer field (seasonal), a playscape, swings and a drop shot basketball structure.  There is ample parking.


Gloutak Park ~ The facilities include a 60′ diamond, player benches with protective fencing, a playscape for ages 3-6 and swings.  Off-street parking is limited.


Gramps Park ~ The park contains benches, a wishing well, and plantings.  On-street parking is available on Elm Street.


Carlos Vega Park  ~ The park contains shaded sitting areas with benches, a water spray pad, walkways, and open green space.  The water spray pad was installed in 2015.  In 2018 new Domino Benches will be installed.  On-street parking is available.


Holyoke High School ~ See Roberts Field and Mackenzie Stadium.


Ingleside Playground ~ The park contains a playscape for 3-5-year-olds, swings and open space.  There is on-street parking available on Arthur Street.


Jackson Courts ~ Formerly known as the Ward 2 playground. The park contains two outdoor basketball courts, green space, handball courts and benches.  There is on-street parking available on Canal Street.


John Young Field ~ This lighted, clay softball diamond hosts numerous softball leagues and events throughout the season.  The field was dedicated on May 18, 1986, in memory of John Young, a long time coordinator, and softball advocate.  There is off-street parking available and ample seating.  Located at 500 Beech Street.


Jones Point Park ~ Jones Point Park contains a 75′ diamond, players benches with protective fencing, a fenced-in playscape of ages 3-6 years and a mid-size soccer field (seasonally).  The old tennis courts will be demolished and new ones constructed in 2018.  Limited off-street parking is available on Oxford Road.


Kennedy Park ~ Former site of Highland School. The park covers one city block and contains, playscapes for children ages 5-12, swings, benches, lit flag pole, a 60’ diamond with player benches and protective fence, open space used for a small soccer field and is irrigated. On-street parking is available.


Kenney Field ~ Located in the Bemis Heights area, this park was dedicated on Saturday, October 19, 1974, in honor of Arthur “Red” Kenney.  Kenney was Superintendent of Recreation from 1942-1970 and was responsible for the formulation of several athletic leagues and was an umpire for more than 25 years. The park contains one 60′ diamond, open space and a modern playscape.  There is limited off-street parking.


Kosciuszko Park  ~ The park contains seating areas, monuments, and open space.  There is on-street parking available on Lyman and Maple Streets.


Laurel Park ~ The park contains a working fountain, benches, and plantings.  The fountain was renovated in 2016 with CDBG funds.  Park is located between Laurel and Willow Streets.


Mackenzie Field ~ Previously known as “The Range” and later known as “Beech Street Grounds”, Mackenzie stadium, built as a Works Progress Administration project, was dedicated on Labor Day, September 4, 1939, in memory of the late


John S. Mackenzie ~ Mackenzie was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for extraordinary heroism on the U.S.S. Remlick, December 17, 1917.  It was Holyoke’s first enclosed stadium and has hosted numerous sports teams/events including the AAA Holyoke Millers of the 1970s and early ’80s. Today the stadium contains a 90′ diamond, stadium seating for 3,000, dugouts, and is the home to NECBL (New England Collegiate Baseball League) team the Holyoke Sox.


Mayer Field ~ The park contains a 60′ diamond, player benches with protective fencing, a play structure for ages 3-6 and swings.  There is on-street parking available on Westfield Road.


McMahon School ~ The facilities include a 60′ diamond with protective fencing, a small soccer field, a mid-size soccer field, a basketball half-court, 2 sets of bleachers (5-tier), school playground structure, and paved play area.  There is ample parking.  Located on Kane Road.


McNally Field ~ One of the original three City playgrounds. On Sunday, May 31, 1939, the West St./Ward One Playground was renamed and dedicated in memory of Sergeant William J. McNally.  Sgt. McNally was an honored veteran, leader in sports and was an example to the youth of the City.  He was killed in action in June of 1918 while serving in France. The park contains a  60’lighted diamond with player benches and player protective fence, one lighted basketball court, 1 5-tier bleacher, paved play area, Bathroom, and storage building.  The playscape and swings were installed in 2013. Located behind Kelly School at 216 West Street.


McNulty Park ~ Dedicated on Saturday, October 23, 1965, in honor of Holyoke Parks Superintendent Patrick Henry McNulty.  The land was gifted to the City for use as a park from Stop & Shop.  The Parks Commission honored McNulty for his dedicated municipal service that spanned 42 years, taking over for Major William Crosier. The park contains some playground equipment, benches and two areas that overlook the Connecticut River.   New walkways, benches, and improved lighting is anticipated for the year 2018. There is limited off-street parking available.


Mitchell Field ~ Edwin J. Mitchell Field was originally named Prospect Field.  In was renamed in 1933 and formally dedicated in honor of Private Mitchell in 1937.  The field became most popular and at one time included the retaining wall, permanent bleachers and a new backstop. Still a popular spot for baseball, the park contains a 90′ diamond, player benches, and protective fencing.  There is limited on-street parking.


Morgan Street Park ~ This pocket park is just over 1/2 acre in size and is situated in a residential neighborhood.  There are swings and a seating area.  There is on-street parking on Morgan Street.


Morneau Tennis Courts ~ Located within the Roberts Sports Complex, the five tennis court area is named after long time City tennis volunteer, advocate and coach Steve Morneau.  Demolition and reconstruction is expected in 2018.  Located on Resnic Blvd.


Peasants Park  ~ This is a small passive park with seating areas and a brick patio.  Located on Appleton and Beech Streets on-street parking is available.


Peck School ~ The William Peck School is host to several Parks & Recreation programs including Suburban Basketball games and adult volleyball. Ample parking is available at 1916 Northampton St.


Pina Park (formerly called Ward 1 Pool or Center Street Park) ~ This 1/2 acre park is home to a small water spray pad, a play structure for 5-12-year-olds and has bench seating.   New playscape and swings were installed in 2016. There is on-street parking.


Pulaski Park  ~ One of Holyoke’s flagship parks, it was originally named Kerry Park and later Prospect Park, the park was rededicated in 1939 to General Count Casimir Pulaski. Pulaski was a Polish hero who contributed to the American War of Independence.  Almost twelve acres in size, Pulaski Park was designed by Frederick Olmstead and continues to showcase the views of the Connecticut River and the Dam.  Shaded walkways, benches, and flowing pathways lend to a beautiful setting at the edge of downtown Holyoke.  The eastern edge of the park also hosts a large water spray area, playscape, basketball and volleyball courts.  A skate park was constructed in 2104.  An adult fitness center is planned for installation in 2018.


Recreation Handball Courts ~ Located at Roberts Sports Complex, James Jackson Park and Springdale Park (Miniature Handball Court)


Roberts’ Field Sports Complex ~ (formerly called Alumni Field at Holyoke High School) is one of Holyoke’s flagship parks/facilities.  Named in honor of one of Holyoke’s outstanding athletes and most successful citizens, the twenty-two-acre complex is host to a multi-sport, lighted synthetic field with stadium seating for 3,000 fans.  There is also an eight-lane NCAA track venue along with being able to host all required field events; the Morneau Tennis Courts, an outdoor volleyball court, handball court, and 2 full-size basketball courts  The complex is complete with a press box, ticket booths, field house, and a concession stand.  In 2016 both the field and track were refurbished.


Rohan Park ~ (formerly Kirtland School) The park is built on the grounds of the former Kirtland School and named for State Representative, Robert Rohan.  The park hosts two play structures for 3-5 and 5-12-year-olds, swings, picnic tables, benches, walkways and a large open space area for play.  There is on-street parking available on Franklin and Sargeant Streets.


Roosevelt Park  ~ This small traffic island houses a monument and flag pole on Westfield Road.


Sheard Park ~ Named in honor of Holyoke Army serviceman Lt. William “Bill” J. Sheard, who died in action in World War II December 21, 1944.  The former Ward Six playground was constructed in 1961 in the area known as Poor Park.  Bill Sheard was well known, captain of the baseball and basketball teams as well as president of the class of 1929 at Sacred Heart High. The park contains the bronze memorial plaque, open space and several benches to enjoy the passive park.  There is on-street parking available.


Soucy Park ~ This small City park was completely renovated in 2017.  It houses a play structure and swings for 8-year-olds and under. There is bench seating, improved lighting and walkways, and space for public art.  Located on Spring St. there is on-street parking.


Springdale Park  ~ One of Holyoke’s flagship parks, Springdale is almost thirty acres in size and is located along the Connecticut River.  The park once housed a full-sized horse racing track with a grandstand.  There are two 60′ diamonds, one 75′ diamond, and one 90′ diamond along with player benches and protective fencing.  The park also hosts soccer fields, four picnic tables, two beach volleyball courts, one basketball court, one handball court, two play structures for 3-5 and 5-12-year-olds, swings, a large water spray pad, and walking paths.  Playground rehab anticipated for 2018/2019.  Located on Main Street.


Sullivan School  ~ There is one 60′ softball diamond with player benches, a lighted basketball court with four extra hoops.  There is off-street parking available.  Located on Jarvis Avenue.


Valley Arena Park


Veteran’s Park (Hampden Park) ~ Originally known as Hampden Park, located in downtown Holyoke, it was renamed Veteran’s Memorial Park on January 22, 1962.  This park is home to the Soldiers Monument “Lady Liberty” which was formally dedicated on July 4, 1876.  The monument, designed by H.G. Ellicott of Virginia, is a memorial to the 55 people from Holyoke who died in the Civil War. Today, the park also contains Vietnam, Korean Conflict and World War II memorials, several benches and open space.  Traditionally, Holyoke holds a Memorial Day Ceremony at the park along with veteran’s groups, dignitaries, City police and fire departments, the Holyoke High School band, the Caladonian Band, R.O.T.C., Scout Troops, and local families.  The park received a $1.5M renovation in 2012 that included improvements to the lighting, trees, walking areas, decorative fencing, seating, and irrigation. Located in a city block bordered by Dwight, Chestnut, Hampden and Maple Streets.


Wyatt Harper Park  ~ Located on Jarvis Ave.-a passive park at present.


Water Spray Park Locations:

Carlos Vega Park

Community Field

Pina Park

Pulaski Park

South Chestnut Street Park

Springdale Park


Roland Pouliot Pool  ~ located at 575 Maple Street, Pouliot Pool was a 200,000-gallon public swimming pool.  The municipal pool was closed following the 2015 season.  Funds have been secured for a new pool to be opened in the 2018-2019 seasons.

In 2017, a small playground was installed at Beaudouin Village.

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