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Important Departmental Messages

From the Department of Public Works

Please be advised that precipitation, as recorded at the Holyoke Water Pollution Control Facility, within the previous 4 hours resulted in combined sewer  overflow discharges from the City of Holyoke’s sewage collection system to the Connecticut River.

Tenga en cuenta que la precipitación, según lo registrado en la Instalación de Control de la Contaminación del Agua de Holyoke, dentro de las 4 horas anteriores resultó en descargas combinadas de desbordamiento de alcantarillado del sistema de recolección de aguas residuales de la Ciudad de Holyoke al río Connecticut.

SO Discharge Update 09/29/2023 - In English y en español

From the Office of the Assessor

Over the next several months, we will be conducting inspections of houses in our own as required by the Department of Revenue. Your house may be on the inspection list. The purpose of these visits is to perform a cyclical inspection to verify that the information on our property record cards is accurate and up to date.

These inspections will be conducted by Mayflower Valuation. They are professionally trained, will have identification displayed on their person and their vehicles, and will have a letter on them.

Click here to view and download the letter, which includes additional information regarding the inspections.

From the Holyoke Gas & Electric

As we approach the 2023 construction season, HG&E is preparing for various utility improvements throughout the community. In order to keep customers up-to-date with potential construction-related traffic impacts, HG&E has a webpage that provides details on planned construction and dig safe activity, Please note, the construction update is a biweekly snapshot and can change based on various factors, including weather and emergencies. If HG&E plans to interrupt service for a particular customer, our team will work directly with that customer to provide updates and notifications throughout each project

From the City Engineer

The City Engineer is continuously working with public officials to address traffic safety concerns around the city. Data maintained by the state is one key part of that work. Members of the public interested in top crash location information may visit

From the Board of Health

The office will be closed for training during the following times over the next few weeks:
8/11: 1:30-3:30pm
8/18: 12:30-2:30pm
8/28 & 8/29: 9am-4pm
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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