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What Can I Find At City Hall?

Welcome to Holyoke City Hall! Whether you’ve been a Holyoker all your life, are just passing through, or have just moved here, City Hall is here to serve you. 

Additional offices are located in the Annex, right next door to City Hall. What can you find at the Annex? Click here…


Mayor’s Office:

Under the direction of Mayor Alex Morse, his staff works directly with constituents, business owners, and community organizations and leaders in an effort to adequately address constituent concerns, organize and promote community activities and events, and oversee the many city projects that are currently underway. The major focus areas of Mayor Morse are combating the opioid epidemic through local initiatives and partnerships, supporting the City’s schools and education facilities, building a local economy around art, innovation, and technology, supporting community policing initiatives, allocating funding towards neighborhood improvements, and making sure that Holyoke residents have a voice in their community. Mayor Morse strives every day to make Holyoke a welcoming city for all people to live, work, and enjoy! 


The primary role of the Assessors is to locate, measure, list, and value all properties within the community. Assessors also provide a service to the community by providing access to property field cards, official tax maps, ownership information and property valuations. The Assessors Office also has the responsibility of granting abatements of excise and motor vehicle tax. 

City Clerk:

The City Clerk is the official keeper of municipal records. Under State law, this includes various certificates and licenses, such as for birth, death, and marriage. Businesses may register newly formed sole proprietorships and partnerships, and renew previously granted licenses.


City Council:

The Holyoke City Council is comprised of fifteen members. There is one councilor who represents each of the seven wards, and there are eight councilors who are elected at-large. The City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month in the City Council Chambers.  The Council is considered the “legislature” of the City of Holyoke, and is responsible for holding hearings, approving Mayoral appointed positions, passing ordinances and overseeing the finances of the City. Councilors sit on various sub-committees that study and review these matters. All minutes of the City Council meetings can be found in the City Clerk’s office and are available for public review. 


Aide to the City Council:

The Administrative Aide to the City Council, otherwise known as the City Messenger, devotes his whole time to the service of the city, attending all meetings of the City Council, and waiting upon all committees and boards while in session at the City Hall. The Administrative Aide insures proper distribution and accountability for all orders and communications voted upon by the full board. He is also responsible for the general care and charge of the city hall building, its rooms and grounds.


Parks and Recreation:

The Parks and Recreation Department  enriches the quality of life for residents and visitors alike, and preserves it for future generations. There is always something to see and do in a park, recreation facility or pool each and every day. You will find a program, an activity or a special place that brings you back again and again.



The Personnel office acts as the Human Relations office for City Employees. Questions and concerns involving health care and other insurance benefits should be directed to Personnel.



To insure the best value for City tax money spent, all municipal purchases are coordinated through the Purchasing Department. A public bidding process allows local businessmen to be aware of and compete for large City purchases or contracts.


Tax Collector:

Stop by the tax collector’s office to pay your parking ticket fines, excise taxes, and property taxes.  If you have been issued a parking ticket and would like to appeal it, the Tax Collector’s office has the appeals forms as well. You can also pay your taxes online through our secure online payment system.


Sealer of Weights and Measures:

The Sealer of Weights and Measures is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that equity and fairness prevails in the commercial marketplace between buyers and sellers.



The city treasurer is an elective position that has a term of four years.  The city treasurer provides a direct voice of the people regarding the management of all cash and all invested public funds. In general, the treasurer’s office provides banking and investment services with minimum service cost and maximum yield on investments.


Voter Registration: 

The Voter Registration office maintains all of the records for registered voters, and is the office where constituents can register to vote for upcoming elections.

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