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City Council Orders June 6, 2023

Communications & Petitions

Title Initial Status Committee CMTE Date 1 CMTE Date 1 Status CMTE Date 2 CMTE Date 2 Status Final Status
Mayor Joshua A. Garcia - Appointment letter for Lauren Niles to serve as an associate of the Planning Board
Councilor Bartley - Communication regarding The New Valley Springs Behavioral Hospital to open in Holyoke
Councilor Jourdain - Communication regarding State Statute MGL CH 44B CPA
Grant Completion Form - Community Mitigation Reserve Fund Grant, Massachusetts Gaming commission
Board of Fire Commission - 4-13-23 meeting minutes
Holyoke Redevelopment Authority - 4-12-23 meeting minutes
Mackenzie Lease Stadium, Valley Blue Sox

Committee Reports

Laid on the Table
1. An order to draft ballot question for voters to decide on reducing CPA tax from 1.5% to 0.5%
16A. Street Vendor License Application - Katherine Sanchez at 15-12 Dwight St 16B. An order to implement a job evaluation system for city employees 16C. An order to set HPS rates of $18/hr for Matrons and $22/hr for Reserve/special officers
16D. An order that bargaining agreements provided to City Council include changes from prior agreement and Auditor provide analysis on financial impacts 16E. An order to update Schedule C of 2-35 to reflect new title and salary for police matrons 16F. An order to update Schedule C of 2-35 to reflect competing salaries for police reserves
17A. 5yr Contract for the School Department Transportation with VanPool and Durham 17B. An order to accept Mass Dept of Agricultural Resources Local Food Policy Grant Program Holyoke Food Economy Coalition $8,000 No Match grant 17C. An order to appropriate $85,504,592 through bonding for new Peck Middle School
17D. An order to transfer $55,000 from Sergeant to Overtime 17E. An order to comply with MGL 30-62A and that environmental notification form is filed for middle school project 17F. An order to appropriate $85,504,592 through borrowing for the construction of the new Peck Middle School
Public Safety
18A. An order to install flashing stop sign on Magnolia Ave 18B. An order for a traffic study at the corner of Pine and Appleton 18C. An order for city engineer to review the inner section of Yale and Park Slope to slow traffic
18D. An order to place “STOP SIGN AHEAD” on Magnolia Avenue 18E. An order to study a possible right turning only lane at Hampden onto Pleasant 18F. An order to address pedestrian safety at the Clinton & Dwight street corner by adding crosswalk or light and raised bump
18G. An order to repaint crosswalk on Hillside Ave near Coit 18H. An order to ordain 'right turn only' when exiting the parking area at Metcalf School
18I. An order for city engineer to recommend traffic safety improvements at Linden and Hampshire Streets
18J. Barbara Blodgett - Letter addressing speeding on Hillside Avenue & Speeding within the City 18K. An order to discuss agreement for parking spaces for Eddie's Furniture at 865 Hampden Street 18L. An order for City Engineer to recommend traffic calming measures for Whiting Farms Rd
18M. An order for SLOW CHILDREN AT PLAY signs on Locust at MacKenzie and West Franklin 18N. An order for Engineer to draft feasibility and costs of a raised crosswalk adjacent to 401 Main St 18O. An order to address speeding on Beech between Portland and Linden
18P. An order to evaluate Cherry and Dale Streets for speed calming measures 18Q. An order to explore options for traffic mitigation on Whiting Farms Rd 18R. An order to consider installation of a traffic light at the intersection of 141 and Bemis Rd
18S. An order to explore repairing raised crossed walk on West Franklin and Magnolia Ave 18T. An order to review installing a raised sidewalk(s) in front of Blessed Sacrament School on Westfield Rd 18U. An order for study of Hamilton and Main Street intersection to improve safety
18V. An order change size of “no turn on red” signs at corner of Hillside Ave and Cherry St 18W. An order that DPW fully plow all of Ogden St 18X. An order to install raised crosswalk at Linden and West Franklin Streets
18Y. An order for a report on intersections with highest rates of accidents 18Z. An order to address safety concerns at the intersection of Beech St and West Franklin 18[. An order to place speed radar sign on Cherry Street near Dale Street
18\. An order to install raised crosswalks on Main between Hamilton and Sargeant, and Cabot and Spring 18]. An order for an update on crosswalk repairs at entrance to HCC 18^. An order to address pedestrian safety at the crosswalk installed on Hampden Street next to Stop and Shop
18_. An order to repair sidewalks on Hampden St near 8 Williams St. 18`. An order for DPW, HPD, Engineer report on traffic safety improvements at Linden and Hampshire, Linden and Locust 18a. An order fund sidewalk repair on designated streets through CDBG or ARPA funds
18b. An order to place red blinking lights or solar stop signs at all 4 way intersections 18c. An order to install light signal with crossing sounds at Hampden and Clinton
Public Service
19A. An order to interview for appointment to Holyoke Media board
Development and Governmental Relations
20A. 2023 ARPA Allocation Spreadsheet


New orders

Title Initial Status Committee CMTE Date 1 CMTE Date 1 Status CMTE Date 2 CMTE Date 2 Status Final Status
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