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Holyoke License Board Meeting March 3, 2021

Mar 3 2021

5:00 pm Remote by Zoom


Due to the declared public health emergency, the Public Hearings/Meeting will be held via

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 @ 5:00 P.M. – Meeting ID: 879 9226 1939 OR CALL IN *67 646 558 8656
(all meetings are being recorded)

1. Annual Alcohol Restaurant Wine/Malt Retail License – Transfer

a. Carl’s Pizza, Inc., 548 South Street to Bugalu Ballroom, 120 High Street.

2. Annual Alcohol Restaurant All Alcohol License Renewal

a. Griffins Inc Dba Griffins Café, 329 Hampden St.

3. Seasonal Liquor Licenses 2021 Renewals

a. Jeb Corp Dba Family Market, 129 Sargeant St. (Package Store Wine & Malt)
b. ES Golf Corp Dba Holyoke Country Club, 2 Country Club Rd. (Club All Alcohol)
c. Sarabsons Inc Dba Shop N Go, 915 Main St. (Package Store All Alcohol)
d. Hamels Catering Inc Dba Summit View Banquet and Meeting, 555 Northampton St  (Restaurant all Alcohol
e. JD Wal Inc Dba Dino’s Pizza Restaurant, 615 Homestead Ave. (Restaurant all Alcohol)
f. A & A Shell LLC Dba A and A Shell Llc, 820 High St. (Package Store all Alcohol)
g. Elmwood Prop Assoc Dba The Dam Café, 999 Northampton St. (Restaurant Wine & Malt
h. Fiesta Café LLC, 305-307 Main St. (Restaurant All Alcohol)
i. Jay’s B & B LLC Dba Jays Dwight Street, 1109 Dwight St. (General on Premises All alcohol)
j. Karaoke Social Club, Inc Dba Karaoke Social Club, 293 Clemente St. (Club all Alcohol)
k. John L. Grossman Dba Holyoke Hummus, 285 High St. (Restaurant All alcohol)
l. Cayey Social Club LLC, 273 Main St. (Club all Alcohol
m. Jibaritos Sports Club, LLC Dba Jibaritos Sports Club, 252 Maple St. (General on Premises All Alcohol)
n. Carve Beauty Salon, 67 Lincoln St. (General on Premises Wine & Malt)

4. Common Victualler’s License Renewal

a. Holyoke Community College Culinary Arts Institute Dba Holyoke Community College, 164 Race St.
b. Rubio Enterprises, LLC Dba Totally Baked 413, 206 Maple St.
c. Maple St Head Start HCS, 206 Maple St.
d. Head Start HCS, 41 Churchill St.
e. Qipeng Corp Dba Hibiscus, 455 South St.
f. City Lounge Dba City Sports Bar, 352 High St.

5. Entertainment License Renewals

a. City Lounge Dba City Sports Bar, 352 High Street

6. Motor Vehicle Class II License – Renewals

a. Crossover Corporation Dba 3 Brothers Auto Sales & Repair, 522 Maple St.

7. Motor Vehicle Repair License – Renewals

a. Miguel L. Rosado Dba Maple Street Auto Sales, 398 Maple St.
b. Cano Used Tires, 640 S. Bridge St.
c. Crossover Corporation Dba 3 Brothers Auto Sales & Repair, 522 Maple St.

8. Other business

a. Old Business
b. New Business
c. ABCC Violations
-Griffin Café
-The ClubHouse
d. April 7, 2021 License Meeting

March 1, 2021
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Alexandria Maysonet
License Board Clerk

City Hall Annex
Room 401
20 Korean Veterans Plaza
Monday - Friday:
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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