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City Council Orders November 9, 2023

Communications & Petitions

Title Initial Status Committee CMTE Date 1 CMTE Date 1 Status CMTE Date 2 CMTE Date 2 Status Final Status Notes
1. Mayor Joshua A Garcia - Supplemental budget Referred Finance 11-15-23 Referred to full Council Adopted with cuts 11-21-23
2. Mayor Joshua A. Garcia - Executive summary for supplemental budget Referred Finance 11-15-23 Received
3. Mayor Joshua A. Garcia - Proposal for Ezekiel's Plan: Operation Safer Streets Referred Finance 11-15-23 Received P.S. 11-29-23 Complied with P.S. Complied with 12-5-23 Copy to Public Safety
4. Atty Bissonnette - Memo on Optional Municipal Administration Act Referred Ordinance
7. CPC - Revised scope of work for Wistariahurst porch Referred Finance 11-15-23 Approved Adopted 11-21-23
21. Atty Crystal Barnes, Meara Law - Proof of insurance, redlined agreement for Canal Row LLC Received Received 11-9-23

Committee Reports

8. Street Vendor License Application, Aime Matos at 363 Main St for food truck 9. Special Permit Application - Blossom Flower LLC at 1 Cabot Street for Transportation of cannabis 10. An order to place handicap sign at 54 1/2 Davis Street
11. An order to place handicap sign at 584 South Summer Street 12. An order to add two handicapped spots at Kennedy Field 13. An order to remove handicap sign at 60 North East Street
14. An order to establish a Holyoke Food Coalition by city ordinance 15. Zone change application - Jose Almonte at 549-551 South Bridge St from DR to BC
16. An order to accept FY23 BJA  Comprehensive Opiois, Stimulant, and Other Substance Abuse program $1,000,000 no match grant 17. An order to accept FY23 BJA Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program $40,949 no match grant 18. An order to appropriate through bond $12,708,775 for various replacement costs at district schools
19. An order to transfer $300,000 from Patrolmen to Overtime 20. An order to transfer $256,000 from Capital Stabilization to Capital Outlay-HPD Other Equipment
Development and Governmental Relations
22. An order to approve license agreement for Canal Row, LLC to construct ADA ramp over sidewalk 23. An order to accept sale of 107 Clemente Street for $34,700.00 to Housing Innovations and Programming, Inc

New orders



Initial Status Committee CMTE Date 1 CMTE Date 1 Status CMTE Date 2 CMTE Date 2 Status Final Status Notes
5. MCGEE -- An order to adopt MGL Chapter 43C “Optional Forms of Municipal Administration" Referred Ordinance
6. MCGIVERIN -- An order to create a Finance Department Referred Ordinance
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