Whiting Street Fund

Who was Whiting Street?  Whiting Street was a heavy, vigorous man, never known to be sick.  The Street family, Whiting, a brother and two sisters, lived in a big unpainted farmhouse on the northern stretch of the road.  Whiting was given to saving and took much joy in the accumulation of wealth.  The old farm supplied the family with most of the necessities of life and the owner worked hard.  When he died it was found that he had left a fortune in trust for the worthy poor of Holyoke.  Many a destitute family over the past century has had occasion to bless his name and his widely heralded saving. Information obtained from, The Story of Holyoke, by Wyatt E. Harper. 


The City of Holyoke signifies its acceptance of the provisions of the will of the late Whiting Street, of Northampton, so far as its interest appears therein by reason of any bequests or endowments to be paid to it under said provisions and subject to the conditions thereof.  The principal of said fund or funds shall be faithfully held and kept good, and the income thereof shall be expended annually for the purpose mentioned in said will and for no other purpose.  Whatever sum or sums may be paid to the city by the executors or trustees of said will in compliance with the conditions thereof, shall be placed in the hands of the city treasurer, whose bond shall be made sufficient in amount to ensure the safe keeping of all of said fund or funds, and he shall pay over the income thereof, to such person or persons, in such amounts as may be ordered by the board of commissioners aforesaid, for the relief of 


Current Commissioners:

Maria Burke, term expires Jan. 2016

Patrick Lavelle Jr, term expires Jan. 2017

 John Pietrzykowski, term expires Jan. 2015



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