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War Memorial Building

Welcome to The War, or Soldiers, Memorial Building was constructed in 1936 under the auspices of the city and the Public Works Administration (PWA) as a memorial to the "great war" now known as World War One. Its chief interior features are a large auditorium and three meeting rooms, plus several small offices. The Appleton street facade is inscribed: "1917-1918, War Memorial. The Veterans of the World War One share this memorial tribute with American Veterans of all times." Just as the smaller war memorial in Hampden Park reflected the tastes of the post-Civil War generation so did this building reflect the nationwide trend of erecting monumental structures in honor of the veterans of World War One.

The War Memorial Flag Room contains replicas of flags tracing American History from the Vikings up to our current 50 start flag. As you pan around the room from left to right you will see the flags are numbered to correspond to the short descriptions. The room also contains a complete listing of Massachusetts Civil War Veterans, a copy of the first Stars & Stripes Newspaper from World War I, and pictures of Holyoke Veterans from World War II.

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