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Upcoming Anticipated Paving Schedule for 2024

Posted on January 30, 2024

Chapter 90 funds from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is the source of funding Cities and Towns use to improve and maintain publicly accepted roads. The order of roads to be improved have been identified through our City’s pavement management system that rates the conditions of roads, usage, and determines the order of priority for repair. The following is the paving schedule we can expect in 2024. NOTE: These are subject to change and the costs are estimates and are subject to change as well. To review excel spreadsheet in detail, click here. 

  • Beech Street beginning from Northampton Street to Ladd Street – 2,753 ft. Anticipated cost $219,994.
  • Dupuis Road beginning from Apremont Highway to Southampton Town Line – 1,853 ft. Anticipated cost 85,638.
  • Homestead Avenue beginning from Fairmont Street to Westfield Road – 6,048 ft. Anticipated cost $334,545.
  • James Street beginning from Main Street to Dead End – 754 ft. Anticipated cost $46,921.
  • Ladd Street, beginning from Beech Street to Linden Street – 380 ft. Anticipated cost $16,202.
  • Linden Street, beginning from Beech Street to Anderson Avenue – 312 ft. Anticipated cost $16,100.
  • Meadow Street, beginning from Main Street to Dead End – 763 ft. Anticipate cost $33,115.
  • South Street, beginning from Northampton Street to High Street – 3,203 ft. Anticipated cost $223,952.
  • Lynn Anne Drive from Richard Eger to Lower Westfield Road – 1,356 ft. Anticipated cost $58,708.
  • Brookwood Road from Northampton Street to Bridge Street – 1,000 ft. Anticipated cost $17,778.
  • Longfellow Road from Burns to Cul-De-Sac – 3,195 ft. Anticipated cost $149,116.
  • Hillview Road from Bemis to Meadowview Road – 1,903 ft. Anticipated cost $87,943.
  • Old Jarvis from Jarvis to Easthampton Road – 2,106 ft. Anticipated cost $90,898.
  • Bassett Road from Old Jarvis to Alma – 771 ft. Anticipated cost $38,379.
  • Hitchcock Street from Westfield Road to Northampton Street – 1,532 ft. Anticipated cost $99,270.
  • Marlboro Road from Lenox Road to Oxford Road – 255 ft. Anticipated cost $12,226.
  • Richard Eger from Whitney Avenue to Lower Westfield Road – 2,547 ft. Anticipated cost $117,745.

In addition, the State has allotted from the Fair Share Amendment a total of $473,823 on top of what we already collect in our Chapter 90 allocation. With a focus on roads particularly downtown Holyoke, the following is the paving schedule we can expect in 2024 in accordance to the order of priority identified in our pavement management system.

  • Appleton Street from Chestnut Street to Heritage Street – 940 ft. Anticipated cost $65,593.
  • Cabot Street from Front Street to Maple Street – 959 ft. Anticipated cost $68,166.
  • Hampshire Street from Pine Street to Commercial Street – 1,847 ft. Anticipated cost $121,762.
  • Jackson Street from High Street to Race Street – 1,320 ft. Anticipated cost $93,874.
  • Plymouth Place from High Street to Commercial Street – 361 ft. Anticipated cost $21,845.

Also, the state plans to repave Route 141, Easthampton Road from Lindor Heights to the Town Line – 1.853 miles. Anticipated cost $1,034,131.05.

Lastly, I am trying to see if I can use local appropriation or Free Cash to supplement the work so we can stretch our road improvement efforts. The following is a list of additional roads from the pavement management system we can possibly do this year if I can leverage an additional $1,000,000 working with the City Council on top of the remaining available Chapter 90 money allocation.

  • Lyman Street from North Canal Street to the State Bridge – 2,280 ft. Anticipated cost $158,338.
  • Resnic Blvd from Beech Street to I391 – 1,327 ft. Anticipated cost $96,150.
  • Laurel Street from Northampton Street to Brown Avenue – 1,332 ft. Anticipated cost $71,536.
  • Whitney Avenue from Richard Eger Street to Homestead Avenue – 1,875 ft. Anticipated cost $80,835.
  • Cleveland Street from Yale Street to Lenox Street – 1,369 ft. Anticipated cost $77,331.
  • Park Slope from Yale Street to Oxford Road – 1,165 ft. Anticipated cost $64,183.

These are all subject to change and based on funding made available if all goes as planned. 

-Joshua A. Garcia, Mayor

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