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A Municipal Lien Certificate is a legal document issued by the tax collector and states the amount of property taxes that are assessed against a particular piece of property. This also includes any water charges owed on the property.  Whenever someone buys property or refinances, a Municipal Lien Certificate is routinely recorded along with the new deed or mortgage.  By recording a Municipal Lien Certificate, the property owner’s liability for unpaid taxes is limited to those listed on the certificate.  If the town discovers afterwards that more taxes are owed, the new property owner is not liable for them.


These documents are usually requested by law offices in preparation of a refinance or sale of a property. Each request should include a property description, parcel number, and a self-addressed, stamped envelope.


The fees are as follows:

1-3 family residential parcel – $50
4 or more family residential parcel – $100
Commercial parcel- $125
Mix use parcel- $125

Request for service in fewer than 7-10 business days will require the
payment of a Rush Fee of $25 per certificate

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