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The City of Holoke's Tax Collector offers the option of paying parking tickets online with a credit or debit card.

You can pay tickets online at Kelley & Ryan Associates, Inc. Note: Parking tickets are entered with an “H” in front of the ticket number. For example if the number on your ticket is 201513, you must enter the ticket number as H201513 in order to search and pay for it online.

Parking tickets may be appealed by filling out a Parking Appeal Form. Hearings are held once a month. If you fail to appear for your scheduled hearing, you forfeit your right to appeal and must pay the original fine. You can choose to have your appeal read by the hearings officer if you cannot come in for the scheduled hearing, and you will be notified of the hearings officer’s decision by phone or mail.
**The Hearings officer’s decision on appeals is final**

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