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How do I learn more about wetlands?

Rivers_protection_act_handout Protecting_wetlands_in_holyoke Wetlands and Residence Landscapers Snow handling guidance Wetlands Science from the Environmental Protection Agency

What are the “DEP File Number” Signs that I see around Holyoke?

You may see signs at construction sites which have DEP File No. 186-xxx on them.  These signs indicate that the project has been approved by the Conservation Commission and DEP and an Order of Conditions has been issued.  186 indicates that the project is in Holyoke and the last 3 digits indicate the file number.

What kinds of trees can I choose from?

There are a variety of trees offered, ranging in size, shape, and other physical attributes. Our goal is to increase the biodiversity of our urban canopy while selecting species that are appropriate for each site.

Is it really free?

Yes! This program is supported by a combination of state and federal grant funding, so consultation and installation is done at zero cost to the property owner. Your only obligation is to make sure the trees get watered regularly for the first two years after planting.

How will COVID-19 affect the planting season this year?

The city of Holyoke and DCR are both carefully monitoring the situation as it develops, with ensuring safety for the community as a central guiding principle. In light of the spread of the virus and meeting restrictions now in place, we are processing tree requests at a slower rate than usual. However, if interested, you … Continued

What phase is Massachusetts in?

We are in PHASE 4: NEW NORMAL Began March 22, 2021 Indoor and outdoor stadiums, arena, ballparks permitted at 12% capacity Exhibition and convention halls Began May 10, 2021 Amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor water parks Road Races, other large outdoor organized amateur or professional group athletic events Opened May 29, 2021 Restrictions ended when … Continued

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