Planning Forms





Subdivision Forms

A Subdivision is the division of land into two or more lots. See the City of Holyoke Subdivision Regulations for all rules and regulations regarding the creation of a subdivision within the City.


Site Plan Review Forms

Site Plan Review applies to any new construction of at least 5,000 sq. ft., multifamily developments, any development that will increase traffic by 700 vehicle trips per day, and any changes in use that will introduce significant alterations to the site. See the City of Holyoke Zoning Ordinance for all requirements pertaining to Site Plan Review submittals.


Special Permit Forms

The Planning Board has oversight over several Special Permits. See the City of Holyoke Zoning Ordinance for all requirements for Special Permits that may be reviewed by the Planning Board.



Chapter 43D – Expedited Permitting

All projects being permitted within the City’s Expedited Permitting District that was established under MGL Chapter 43D shall be required to follow the following regulations and complete the form below:

  • Holyoke Priority Development Site Map
  • Sheet of Process
  • Priority Development Site Application


Chapter 40R – Smart Growth Overlay District

Projects within the City’s Smart Growth Overlay District as illustrated on the Zoning Map are required to be reviewed prior to construction if the applicant wishes to take advantage of the regulations. Projects under 13 units must submit to the Planning Department Staff a plan for review and any other required materials. Projects of 13 or units must submit site plans for review by the Planning Board along with any other required materials. See Section 8.9 of the Zoning Ordinance.

  • Smart Growth Application

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