Organizations Support the Mayor’s Decision on Reliability Project

Following this morning’s announcement from Mayor Morse opposing the reliability project, environmental and social justice organizations throughout the region, state, and country have provided statements in support of the mayor’s decision. 
Jacqueline Velez, Lead Organizer,, 646-683-1883 
Sarah Krohn, Board member,, 413-586-5714 
“Neighbor to Neighbor praises Mayor Morse’s decision to oppose the proposed pipeline project also known as the Reliability Project. We acknowledge how difficult this decision was to make as it intersects with decisions related to economic development but this does not have to stop or slow down Holyoke’s progression. We need to work together to make sure it does not. We fully support Mayor Morse and will work tirelessly to assure Holyoke’s progress will remain strong and the city can thrive as it strives to be 100% green, attracting businesses and residents concerned with health and the well-being of generations to come. We are confident all the stakeholders want to make Holyoke the best city we possibly can so we will work together to achieve that. Towards that end, we urge other cities and the entire Western Mass region to step up and follow the Mayor’s lead on this decision that will positively affect our collective future.” 
Bradley Campbell, President of Conservation Law Foundation: 
“I applaud Mayor Morse for committing Holyoke to a path of less rather than more reliance on fracked gas and other fossil fuels that threaten our environment, health, and economy. With Big Gas lobbyists bombarding public officials and the public with overblown and dubious claims about the need for more gas use, Mayor Morse has made a truly courageous decision.”
Eric Wilkinson, Director of Energy Policy, 
“The Environmental League of Massachusetts strongly supports bold action to help the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy future. ELM applauds Mayor Morse for recognizing that energy efficiency and renewable energy represent clean and affordable alternatives to fossil fuels. The investments we make in infrastructure now will affect our communities for years to come. It is critically important that we invest in 21st century technologies that protect the environment and grow local jobs rather than yesterday’s highly polluting fossil fuels. Mayor Morse’s leadership on this issue sets an example across the Commonwealth.” 
Dr. Marty Nathan,, 413-531-9915 
“ is a neighborhood environmental group in Northampton that worked successfully to repair the gas leaks in our town. We are very appreciative of the wisdom and courage displayed by Mayor Alex Morse in publicly opposing the Columbia Gas Pipeline Project for the public health, climate and financial burden that it would foist upon people throughout the region. Mayor Morse is truly a leader for the clean energy future that we need.” 
Katy Pyle,, 413-734-4948 
“Arise for Social Justice applauds Mayor Alex Morse’s decision to stand up for healthy communities and our earth. We look forward to continued work with Mayor Morse and our great neighbors in Holyoke. We are hopeful that other neighboring communities will follow the excellent example set by Mayor Morse and also oppose the Columbia Gas Pipeline Project.” 
Susan Theberge,, 413-575-7345 
“Climate Action Now enthusiastically supports Mayor Alex Morse on his wise choice to take a stand for climate justice, the health of our communities and our ecosystem as a whole. Mayor Morse, we applaud your decision to oppose the proposed Columbia Gas Pipeline project.” 
Constance Dawson,, 617-803-5293 
“We at Easthampton Climate Action thank Mayor Morse for his decision that demonstrates his dedication to making Holyoke a 100% green city. He sets a strong and courageous example in favor of our environment and our future. We urge other leaders in the Western Mass region to follow his lead by opposing the Columbia Gas Reliability Project and committing to working toward a 100% renewable future.” 
Michele Marantz,, 413-519-1906 
“Members of the LPAG are delighted to learn of Mayor Morse’s opposition to The Reliability Project. As a group of residents that have opposed the construction of the Tennessee Gas Metering Station on Longmeadow Country Club property, we share the Mayor’s concerns about unnecessary expansion of pipeline infrastructure. We stand behind him and salute his deci reliance on natural gas, or greenhouse gas emissions, is a critical challenge our region must tackle together. 


Amber Cano-Martin,, 413-230-9548

“As an organization of mothers that works together to ensure a livable climate for our children and future generations, we applaud Mayor Morse for taking a courageous stand against new gas pipeline infrastructure in Western Massachusetts. We know that the health and wellbeing of the children of his city of Holyoke will benefit both now and in the future from his wise decision. We look forward to working with him as a partner in creating a green energy future!”


Deb Pasternak,, 617-852-2641  

“When told of the Mayor’s decision, Massachusetts Sierra Club Director Deb Pasternak said, “We commend Mayor Morse’s outstanding leadership on energy and climate. Given that we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by at least 45% in eleven years, we simply can no longer afford to expand our use of dirty fossil fuels.  Mayor Morse is right that the best investment will be in a rapid transition to a clean energy economy. This will create good local jobs, improve public health, stabilize and lower long term energy costs, and help us to to avoid the worst of climate change.”


Kathryn Eiseman:, 413-320-0747

“We look forward to working with Mayor Morse as the City of Holyoke takes further steps to realize his vision of a thriving carbon-neutral community.  We appreciate that Mayor Morse understands that the leadership Holyoke has already shown with clean energy projects is just the beginning of the needed energy shift.  Supporting economic development without increasing reliance on natural gas, or greenhouse gas emissions, is a critical challenge our region must tackle together.”

Katy Pyle,, 413-734-4948 
“The Springfield Climate Justice Coalition (SCJC) proudly stands with Mayor Alex Morse and his decision to oppose the Columbia Gas Pipeline Project. We salute you, Mayor Morse for your commitment green energy and the health and wellness of residents in your community.” 
Dr. Marty Nathan,, 413-531-9915 
“Our Northampton coalition lauds Mayor Alex Morse’s opposition to the Columbia Gas Pipeline Project. Our group convinced the Northampton City Council and Mayor that this project was a threat to the safety and health of the Connecticut River Valley. They decided to pursue other energy options to meet our community’s needs, options that would cut, not expand, greenhouse gas emissions. We are grateful to Mayor Morse for his courage and thoughtfulness in standing up for a true clean energy future and we look forward to working with him as we plan next steps.” 
Elizabeth Caretti-Ramirez,, 215-355-2145 
“Sugar Shack Alliance (SSA) enthusiastically supports Mayor Morse’s position in opposing the construction of a new methane gas pipeline, running from Agawam to Holyoke. SSA supports green economic development in Western Mass and we know that the time for fossil fuels in aiding in that development is coming to a close.” 
Lena Entin,, 413-210-4217 
“Toxics Action Center applauds Mayor Morse in standing in opposition to new fracked gas infrastructure. We have been proud to work with Mayor Morse and the City to move from coal to solar energy, and now we look forward to continuing on the path to a sustainable future.” 
Janice Hill,, 413-304-0496 
“West Springfield Pipeline Awareness commends Mayor Alex Morse for opposing Columbia Gas’ proposed pipeline expansion that would transport gas through West Springfield into Holyoke. The Mayor’s leadership in developing green energy in Holyoke has already won the nation’s attention, and by opposing Columbia’s planned expansion of gas infrastructure, he once again demonstrates his commitment to public safety, his understanding of the importance of green energy development, and his willingness to help safeguard the future of the planet. Thank you, Mayor Morse. Let us hope that elected officials throughout The Commonwealth and the nation, encouraged by your leadership here in in Western Massachusetts, take note and adopt energy policies that look to the future, rather than the past.” 

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