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NOTICE: Mayor reminds residents of responsibility to keep areas clean

Posted on July 21, 2022

Message from Mayor Joshua A. Garcia:

We all have a shared responsibility to keep our city clean, not only because it’s required by our city laws but because it’s the right thing to do for each other and for our environment. This means making sure the areas of which you occupy and/or own are free and clear from trash, debris, and vegetation overgrowth including at common areas such as adjacent sidewalks, grass strips, rights-of-way to the edge of the surface of the vehicular travel-way of any public street, and one-half of alley. Speaking of alleys, alleys are not owned or maintained by the city. Alley-ways are the responsibility of property owners that abut them. Please be sure to work together with your neighbors to keep alley-ways clean. Also, if you occupy and/or own space next to a sewer grate, make sure it’s free and clear from trash and debris so storm water can flow properly and avoid floods.

On the city side, we are working on strategies to keep up with our own obligation to keep our city clean including building up staff capacity, getting ready to implement a flex squad initiative between enforcement departments, and working with a consultant to assess our trash and recycling management practices to learn what is it we do well and where can we pivot to be better. There is only so much the city can handle on its own however. In this communication, we are sharing the city ordinance that require property owners to keep their areas clean. Please know, we are building up our departments to get ready for proper enforcement which will include fines for anyone not maintaining their areas.

Please help spread the word and let’s work together to keep our city clean!

Holyoke City Ordinances

  • Section 74-2 (f)(1): Property to be kept clean“All owners of commercial, professional, industrial, multifamily and residential property must maintain said property, and occupants and business tenants must keep the premises they occupy, as well as common areas, including adjacent sidewalks, grass strips, one-half of alley, and rights-of-way to the edge of the surface of the vehicular travelway of any public street, in a clean and litter-free manner. Rubbish, refuse or other litter on any property must be removed by the owner, occupants and/or business tenants.”
  • Section 74-98: Duty to maintain private property free of litter; duty to cut vegetation“The owner or person in control of any private property shall at all times maintain his premises, as well as the sidewalk in front of his premises, free of litter so that the same does not constitute a danger to the public health, safety and welfare. The owner or person in control of any private property shall maintain and cut all vegetation, to a maximum of six inches, which constitutes a rodent harborage area or a public health hazard.”
Holyoke residents who need to dispose large household items:
  • RENTERS: If a renter, you can get a card that’s good for 1 year at the DPW to dispose of your trash. You’ll need to bring a lease agreement and recent utility bill (so they know you reside in the city), license/valid state ID and have to pay a $10.00 fee.
  • HOMEOWNERS: If a homeowner, you can get a card for disposal of trash at the DPW that does not expire. You’ll need to confirm that your sewer account and tax bill reflect your name. You’ll need to bring a license/valid state ID.

Who to Contact

  • Visit the city website at to report an issue.
  • Download the SeeClickFix app on your mobile device to report an issue.
  • Call the Board of Health – (413) 322-5595
  • Call the Building Department – (413) 322-5600
  • Call the License Board – (413) 322-5599
  • Call the DPW – (413) 322-5645
  • Call the Fire Department – (413) 534-2250
  • Call the Police Department – (413) 322-6901
  • And when all fails, call me at the Mayor’s Office – (413) 561-1600
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