Urban Renewal Plan in South Holyoke Text Size

The city is moving forward with a plan to increase homeownership in South Holyoke. Over the last several years, the City and the Redevelopment Authority have worked together to aggregate 26 vacant parcels across 2.26 acres around Carlos Vega Park.

The South Holyoke neighborhood has historically been the center of a strong working class neighborhood predominantly consisting of tenement style housing with some single and two family houses.  

The plan is to build at least 28 units but that could climb to 60 depending on designs. The neighborhood is currently around 90% rental, and it is believed that families shouldn’t have to move out of their neighborhood to buy a home.

The project is part of the urban renewal plan that the current administration finalized in 2012. “I’m proud that as an administration we’ve advanced work towards a significant home ownership development project in South Holyoke,” Mayor Alex B. Morse said. “This is an exciting time for South Holyoke.”

The City and the Redevelopment Authority have announced that they are seeking “expressions of interest” from developers.

“Part of the reason to do a request for expressions of interest is to let entities know we’re seeking creative partners, not just developers, that can work with us to solve the financing challenge. We’re still putting the project together and we want to invite interested parties to work with us in the coming phases,” Director of Planning and Economic Development Marcos Marrero said.

Developers and others who respond to the expression of interest document have been asked to contact Marcos by January 10, 2018 at or his office at 413-322-5575.

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