Transfer Station on Main Street in Holyoke Holds Grand Opening Text Size

Mayor Alex B. Morse joined Scott Lemay, President of UWM Holdings, Ward 2 Councilor Anthony Soto, and other city officials on Wednesday, October 30 at 10:30AM for the official opening of the new transfer station, located at 686 Main Street in Holyoke.

The transfer station, owned by UWM Holdings, is permitted by the Board of Health and Mass DEP to handle up to 750 tons per day of municipal solid waste and construction debris. The 22,550 square foot building is designed to receive waste and load it into trucks or train cars for shipping to waste disposal facilities out of the area. Truck traffic to and from the facility will use Main Street and nearby I-391. UWM Holdings paid to upgrade the traffic signals on Main Street and I-391 to improve traffic flow through the neighborhood. The project employs state-of-the-art dust and odor control technologies to minimize impacts to the surrounding area.

The City has entered into a three year contract, with two optional one year extensions, to deliver it solid waste to the facility. The City will save $20,000 in disposal costs the first year of the contract as well as cost savings in fuel and labor not having to haul its waste out of the city. The city will also receive revenue from a host community fee for all waste delivered to the facility from non-municipal sources. Over time the transfer station will become an asset for the city. As local landfills close over the next few years, the transfer station will provide access to competitive disposal markets outside the Western Mass Area. Utilizing the transfer facility to reach markets outside the area will help keep disposal costs down saving money for all users.

“I am excited to have a new business that provides jobs, revenue, and infrastructure for our community,” said Scott Lemay, President of UWM Holdings. “Department of Public Works trucks now travel shorter distances which makes our City pickup more efficient while reducing traffic, emissions, greenhouse gas effects and pollution in general. Growing Holyoke’s revenue, infrastructure and creating jobs is critical to Holyoke’s future and we are happy to partner with the community and assist in accomplishing our goals.”


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