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Beginning Monday September 19, 2016, online payments made through E-check/ACH will no longer incur a convenience fee. Previously, it cost tax payers $0.50 to pay their bills online with an E-check/ACH transaction. The convenience fees for debit/credit card payments online has also been reduced to 2.95% with a minimum of $1.00. Previously this fee was 3.20% with a minimum of $3.00. It is now more convenient and cost-effective than ever to pay your property taxes online. Paying by E-check/ACH costs you nothing at all so you’re saving on the cost of a stamp by not mailing and the hassle of having to come in to the office to pay in person. Our online payment system allows you to set up e-billing and keep track of your payments and bills all online without having to call or come in to get that information. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to now pay your bills.

For those who still prefer to pay in person instead of mailing to our lockbox or paying online, the City of Holyoke has recently purchased two drop boxes for your convenience. One drop box is now located behind City Hall outside for 24 hour access, and a second drop box is now located inside the Council on Aging building next to the already current drop boxes there for HG&E and Water bills. Rather than have to stand in a long line at our office or make it her during our regular business hours, you can simply drop your payments off in the provided envelope with your payment slip and a check (NO CASH ACCEPTED) in one of our drop boxes. Payments picked up at 7:00am from the box will be processed as paid the previous day. So that means you have until 6:59am that day after a due date to drop your payment in the box and payment will be processed as if it was received on time. Both locations will also be accepting Sewer bill payments for your convenience as well. The boxes located at COA are clearly labeled one for property taxes and one for sewer. The box at City Hall will accept all bill payments (again NO CASH).

The Office of the Collector of Taxes is continuously trying to improve our payment options to make things easier and more convenient for our customers. We hope that these new improvements and options will help reduce timing issues that customers have previously had with making payments. Avoid the wait lines and constraints of our business hours by paying bills online, mailing to our lockbox, or dropping payments in the drop boxes for your convenience.

To view or pay your bill online please go to and click on Online Services, then Pay Taxes, and then view bill/pay online. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Office of the Collector of Taxes @ 413-322-5530.

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