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Holyoke Public Library Opens Exhibit of the 2013-2014 NESEA Student Design Competition

To engage the next generation of designers and engineers in the key energy issues and strategies of the day, NESEA sponsors an annual design competition for college and university students. The target participants include college, university and building science design programs in the 10 states in NESEA’s region from Maine to Washington D.C., plus the Eastern Canadian Provinces.

The competition was completed earlier this year and focused exclusively on four design challenges in Holyoke that involved Net Zero Energy and Zero Carbon Emissions designs for both the new construction and rehabilitation of residential and commercial buildings. The exhibit features 28 posters (including two “double-posters”) presented by 15 different teams comprised of students from eight colleges and universities in New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Canada.

Students were challenged to design cost-effective super-insulated and net zero energy (post-carbon) proposals that have high aesthetic value to promote acceptance and adoption by owners, developers and the public.   City officials worked with the design challenge team to select sites that both met the competition’s needs and provided the city with insights into possibilities for projects critical to its urban redevelopment:

•        84 Sargeant Street (Parson’s Paper)
•        Parcels around Carlos Vega Park
•        123 Pine Street (“The Alpine”)
•        1 Cabot Street (originally, the Riverside Paper Company building)

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