Spring Draining of Holyoke Canals Text Size

Every Spring the Holyoke Canal System is drained for maintenance and clean up. It usually takes two or three days to drain all three canals as gates spill water from one canal to the next. This year Holyoke Gas and Electric (HG&E) gave a tour of the process to The Republican.

To view photos and learn more, please visit the recent MassLive article.

The Holyoke Canal System is a three-tiered, 4 ½ mile system that runs throughout downtown Holyoke and provides water to approximately 11 in-service generating stations which have a total combined capacity of approximately 15 megawatts.  The three Canal System tiers are known as the First, Second and Third Level Canals, and the drop between canal tiers, as well as the drop from the Canal System back into the Connecticut River, allows HG&E to generate up to three separate times using the same water.

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