Saturday, Sept. 28 10:30 tour Preserve UMass, Amherst, MA. Text Size

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Saturday, Sept. 28, 9:45 am meeting to tour Preserve UMass…….carpool or follow to UMass Campus

Organized by Holyoke Historical Commission and Fairfield Avenue Local Historic District Commission

wear casual  clothes/ walking shoes/ dress for the weather

meet at “Rite-Aid” parking lot at 9:45 travel to UMass campus….. 

please call 237-1950 for more information (Olivia)

We will meet Dr. Larson of Preserve UMass and tour the following places: 

Old Chapel (1885) (AMH. 80)

UMass Amherst Chancellor Subbaswamy has initiated a campaign to renovate the upper floor to its original assembly hall condition and to repurpose the ground floor and basement for modern uses. This has triggered competing proposals from several interest groups, some of which seem to be incompatible with this historic structure and others that draw on the history of the building and the university.


Horse Barn (1894) (AMH. 109)

Funds have been raised to move this structure, once home to the Bay State Morgan horse line, to a new Agricultural Learning Center north of the Amherst campus where the interior ground floor will be used for small meeting spaces and offices and preserve save selected examples of the original Morgan stallion stalls. The huge upper hayloft will be converted to an assembly room. Funds are now being raised to do the interior work.


Historic Pond Landscape (1892) (AMH. 951)

In the course of a Section 106 National Historic Preservation Act Review, a Memorandum of Agreement was issued that contains several findings and stipulations. Among these:

1.       A finding that the Massachusetts Historical Commission and the US Army Corps of Engineers both agree that this landscape is eligible for listing on the National Register.

2.       An agreement to return the Pond to its historic water elevation.

3.       An agreement that work done on the Landscape will be guided by the Secretary of Interior’s Guidelines on the Treatment of Cultural Landscapes. Preserve UMass takes the position that these Guidelines provide the professional framework for UMass to maintain Fredrick Law Olmsted’s (18660 recommendation that a pond be created at this site and Frank A. Waugh’s (1920) naturalistic landscape design.

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