Open Burning Prohibited Text Size

Fire Chief John A. Pond reminds residents that Holyoke is among 22 cities and towns in the state where all open burning is prohibited because of the density of population and the close proximity of buildings.

Open burning, the burning of any material out-of-doors, releases large amounts of carbon monoxide and other gaseous and solid substances directly into the atmosphere, causes air pollution and aggravates respiratory problems.

Under poor atmospheric conditions, open burning creates a smoke and odor nuisance – as well as a health threat to area residents, especially in densely populated areas according to the Department of Environmental Protection which regulates open burning in MA. For these reasons, open burning is prohibited in Holyoke. The state no-open-burning list also includes Chicopee, Springfield and West Springfield.

All complaints of open burning will be responded to and extinguished along with fines levied on the homeowner. Chief Pond asks that everyone obey the law and help keep the City of Holyoke safe.

Posted on August 1, 2014 by