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Mayor Alex B. Morse invites residents to serve on the City of Holyoke Disabilities Advisory Board, also known as the Handicap Advisory Board.  The Board assists the City to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Under the ADA, an individual with a disability is someone who has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded by others as having such an impairment.  An impairment under the ADA is a physiological or mental disorder that limits activities such as walking, seeing, speaking, hearing, breathing, learning, performing manual tasks, working, or caring for oneself.

Under the ADA, the City may not refuse to allow a person with a disability to participate in any service, program, or activity solely because the person has a disability.  The City must provide a reasonable accommodation to a person with a disability unless the provision of such accommodation would fundamentally alter the nature of the services, program, or activity, or would be an undue hardship.

According to Mayor Morse, the members of the Disabilities Advisory Board will:

• Advise and assist municipal officials and employees in ensuring compliance with state and federal laws and regulations that affect people with disabilities;

• Coordinate or implement programs designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities in compliance with programs of the Massachusetts Office on Disability;

• Review and make recommendations about policies, procedures, services, activities and facilities of departments, boards, and agencies of Holyoke concerning people with disabilities;

• Provide information, referrals, guidance and technical assistance to individuals, public agencies, businesses and organizations in all matters pertaining to disability; and

• Coordinate activities of other local groups organized for similar purposes.


According to Morse, “Serving on the Board offers an excellent opportunity for residents to serve our community.  I hope that any resident interested in expanding opportunities for our fellow residents who are disabled will apply.”


If you are interested in serving on the Board, please apply by mail or email by March 30, 2013 to:

Robert Judge

ADA Compliance Officer

City of Holyoke

536 Dwight Street, Suite #7

Holyoke MA 01040 

Phone (413) 322-5555

Fax (413) 322-5556

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