Mayor Announces Senior and Vet Tax Write Off Programs Text Size

The Senior Tax Credit Work-off Program allows seniors to volunteer 93 hours within a one-year period and they will receive a $750 dollar abatement towards their property tax bill. The program is limited to 30 positions and they will be selected by lottery from the pool of applicants. The deadline for the application is March 31, 2014. Any senior interested in applying for the program should contact the Council on Aging office at 322-5625. 


Eligible Veterans who are chosen will work 125 hours for the city and receive an exemption of $1000 off of their property taxes.  Applications are available at the Veteran Services department located on the first floor of the War Memorial Building, 310 Appleton Street.  The deadline to submit applications will be May 1. Any veteran interested in applying for the program should contact the Office of Veterans’ Services at 322-5630.


These programs were adopted by the state legislature and supported by the City Council.  Mayor Morse found this to be a great way to engage seniors in municipal initiatives and stipend them for their involvement.  This is the eleventh year the city of Holyoke has offered the program for seniors, and the first year the program has been offered for Veterans.

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