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Mayor Alex B. Morse releases official statement in regards to aid relief.

“The news and images from Puerto Rico over the past few days has been devastating for so many of us in Holyoke, particularly those in our community that have family and friends there. The lack of communication to check in on loved ones has made it even more harrowing. We’ve started to hear about and see the resilience of our Puerto Rican brothers and sisters who are clearing debris, helping neighbors in need, sharing resources and are resolved to rebuild stronger than the Island was before. 

Local, state and federal resources and partners have banded together to provide aid to the Island in a great time of need. The City of Holyoke stands ready to assist as communication from the Island is restored and we gain a better understanding of where we will add the most value to their efforts. 

It’s important to underscore that beyond the emergency response currently ongoing, recovery from Hurricane Maria will take some time. We stand ready to help advocate for Puerto Rico on transformative measures we can help facilitate from the states.  

I will provide more in the coming days. For now, take a look at this article to learn more about how to help, and note that Nueva Esperanza, Inc. is the Holyoke location to drop off donations, and they need volunteers to staff the locations between 9am-3pm most days.”

Western Massachusetts United for Puerto Rico: Here’s what, where and how to donate to Hurricane Maria relief efforts

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