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The City of Holyoke has awarded the Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation $50,000 through the City’s Community Development Block Grant Program to reinstate the Façade Improvement Program, previously run by the Chamber in past years.

Mayor Alex Morse stated, “As downtown Holyoke moves towards its revitalization, it is important to appropriately allocate funding for projects that send the message to business owners that our City is as invested in the success of their business as they are. This is an important program that I am excited to see return, and I am confident that these improvements will not only benefit business owners, but also the downtown community as a whole.”

The enduring element of a city is its architecture. While recognizing that buildings change over time, the Facade Improvement Program has a primary interest in the preservation and, where appropriate, the restoration of the original architecture of Holyoke to support economic development initiatives.

These funds are in the form of a grant that must be matched in equal amounts of the request up to $25,000. The Façade Improvement Program was designed to strengthen and enhance the City of Holyoke’s business districts by restoring and improving existing facades. The FIP is administered by the Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation with funding from the City of Holyoke Office for Community Development. FIP offers rebates to eligible property owners for up to 50% of the façade improvement project cost. The minimum rebate is $2500 for at least a $5000 project to a maximum rebate of $25,000 for at least a $50,000 project.

Kathleen Anderson, President of the Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation stated, “We are very excited to be able to offer this program to our downtown businesses in an effort to help them improve their facades and hopefully their business as well. We appreciate the award from the city in an effort to support downtown business. We have such beautiful architecture in downtown and this program will help to restore these buildings so that they can last for another 100 years.”

This program is funded by a grant to the Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation through the City of Holyoke’s Office for Community Development. The Community Development Block Grant funds are provided to the City of Holyoke from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Façade Improvement Program Committee members are Kathleen Anderson, President Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce (GHCC), GHCC Member Daniel O’Neill, GHCC Board Member Gerry Moreau, Historic Commission Member Joseph Reynolds, and Holyoke Office of Planning and Development Claire Ricker.

Applicants should apply through the Greater Holyoke Chamber Centennial Foundation. Potential applicants should contact Kathleen Anderson at 413-534 3376 to determine FIP eligibility and to request an application package. The funds are used strictly to renovate the front façade of a building.

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