Holyoke Reminds Residents of Precautions Against West Nile Virus Text Size

Mayor Alex Morse and the Holyoke Board of Health wish to remind residents to take necessary precautions given the recent cases of West Nile Virus in Massachusetts.  West Nile Virus is a mosquito-carried virus.  One can protect themselves and their animals from mosquito bites by taking some simple precautions. 

  • Use a bug repellent and/or bug spray when you go out of doors.  When selecting a mosquito repellent read the label carefully before using.  For more information and a fact sheet on mosquito repellent please visit
  • Avoid going outside during peak mosquito hours from dusk to dawn.
  • Keep animals indoors during peak mosquito hours.
  • Wear long-sleeves, pants, and socks when you are outdoors. 
  • Repair any holes in screens and make sure they are tightly attached to doors and windows.
  • Remove any and all standing water, piles of leaves, and lawn clippings from your property.  Standing water can be found in buckets, gutters, wheelbarrows, and wading pools.   


For more information please contact the Board of Health at (413) 322-5595.     

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