Holyoke Public Schools is Hiring! Text Size

Amazing changes are happening right here in Holyoke! Starting on July 6th, Holyoke Public Schools went into state receivership. Dr. Stephen Zrike, the receiver, was appointed by the Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education because of his experience working in urban as well as Latino communities. He comes to Holyoke in hopes of working with the residents, students, parents, teachers, and other leaders to help the schools reach their full potential.

He has already began to make progress through the schools. Recently, Holyoke Public Schools has announced the expansion of its Pre-Kindergarten program. Now Metcalf, Kelly, Morgan, Sullivan, Lawrence, Donahue, and E.N. White will all be providing a Pre-K program during the upcoming school year. This is part of the already established Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative (HELI). Dr. Zrike is expanding this program in order to help students be better prepared for Kindergarten. The Dual Language Program will also continue; in this program, students will spend parts of their days speaking English or Spanish. Open enrollment is available at the Metcalf School.

Dr. Zrike held Community Conversations last week. He hopes to foster a sense of team work when it comes to the future of the Holyoke Public Schools. Holyoke Public Schools is looking for educators as well as administrative staff for the upcoming academic year. If you are interested, click on the link below to see if there is an opportunity that is right for you!

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