Holyoke Police Department Endorses Early Literacy Initiative Text Size

Mayor Alex Morse and Police Chief James M. Neiswanger will announce a collaborative effort in support of the Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative at a press conference on Tuesday April 23 at 10:00 a.m. at the newest Holyoke Police Substation, located at 176 High Street. The goal of this initiative is to have 85% of the Holyoke Public Schools’ 3rd grade students reading at a proficient level by 2014.

The Holyoke Police Department will endorse the Holyoke Early Literacy Initiative by accepting a first installment of one thousand books for their department. The mission is to offer children’s books at all sub-station locations. In addition, Holyoke Police Officers will have the opportunity to distribute books to the community while on duty.

“Having another stakeholder in the community like the Holyoke Police Department endorse this initiative shows great testimonial to our work and the Mayor’s commitment to the children of Holyoke,” commented Andrew Melendez, the Holyoke Early Literacy Coordinator.

For more information please contact Andrew Melendez, the Holyoke Early Literacy Coordinator, at 413-210-2945 or

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